Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miami Recap!

Hello Readers,

Last week we promised you more on the adventures of three besties in Miami.

And by adventures, we're not talking racing ambiguous bad guys to Cuba like this. And well, there wasn't a lot of this going on, either...

Whatever that actually is.

We decided to go a little more low-key. What we did do a lot of is Mojito-ing, eating and gabbing... shocked, I'm sure.

That's right, it was a 72 hour conversation surrounded by sunny skies, pool-side bartenders and some pretty rad eats.

And unfortunately we were kind of delinquent when it came to taking photos (the shame!). Tragic. So we'll tell our story with some supplemental pics from the web.

Friday night: 
After arriving in Fort Lauderdale (thank you Jet Blue), we took a cab to our hotel, checked in and hit Ocean Drive. Deweese had never been to Miami before, but Blythe and Dukester were prepared for the human traffic that is Ocean Drive... did we mention it was Spring Break? Luckily we had a destination in mind, News Cafe, where Dukester and Blythe had eaten before and where we knew we could watch the scene from a patio perch, without being part of it. And a scene it was!

Alex Quesada for The New York Times
After a nice breakfast on the deck at the hotel, we scoped out the beach and our beach valet helped us with a very necessary umbrella. It was a gorgeous day to sit and chat and drink and chat and reapply sunscreen and chat and peruse US Weekly and chat. We were also able to check the ole "I saw boobies and junk in Miami" box. Whew!

We lunched on wood-fired pizza, french fries and mojitos (perhaps the perfect meal?) at our hotel pool in the afternoon and did a repeat of morning routine but pool-side.

View of the beach from our pool
Our pool had sand too!

For dinner we gussied ourselves up and headed over to The Dutch at the W Hotel for a feast! Somehow we were able to get a reservation (not so easy in NYC) and although we had an annoyingly eager server*, the food was delish.

*When we tried to order an appetizer while we decided on our entrees the server asked if he could put the entire order in at once, cause "it's about to get Real South Beach in here". Ohhhhhkay. That being said, it did in fact get really South Beach in there.

Dukester made a brunch reservation for us at Yardbird, a short walk from our hotel and it did not disappoint. Yardbird lived up to it's 'Southern Table + Bar' label when Blythe tried to order skim milk for her coffee and got a polite if sarcastic "We don't do skim milk here sweetie". The decor was spot on (hipster gets job at Restoration Hardware) and the morning quiche, buttermilk biscuits and Big Ol' Stack of Waffles were divine. 

From there, rinse and repeat from Saturday afternoon. Pool, mojitos, french fries and pizza.

For dinner, and on the advice of a one Lucy M, we walked down Lincoln Road to Quattro. We ate al fresca and had a wonderful meal to bring our trip to a close. Best friends, ravioli and Miami. Perfecto!

And that's it! 

We might not have many good pics, but the memory of this trip is guaranteed to last a life time. One for the ages. 

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  1. Nicely done ladies! Sounds like a great trip!