Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Blog Faves: DC Edition

Dear Readers,

This month we're focusing on blogs based in DC and thanks to Refinery 29 for updating us on all the hottest blogs around town. It's not just for politicos anymore... obvi!

Mimi + Meg
Dear Heart: It's just pretty. Peruse this blog if you're having a bad day and need to be reminded of something beautiful.

The Pursuit of Style: Preppy and colorful!

Mimi+Meg: Love the Art to Fashion posts.

A Glossy Life: Deweese will read any blog with 'lacquer' in the title.

You can check out more local DC bloggers and pinners here: Refinery 29.

What blogs are you guys reading these days? Keep us in the loop, we're always looking for new blogs to inspire us!


PS... Speaking of blogs: Blythe, I finally read the Cup of Jo post about her depression. It's really moving and wonderful that she shared it with all of her readers. I feel like I've been craving this from her, (not for her to suffer depression) to be a little more honest. No way her life was really full of cupcakes and pretty pictures. I'm impressed with her authenticity.

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