Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Will Follow Them...

Hi Deweese,

You are right, despite forever loving Glinda, I don't think I'll get into this one. Doesn't mean I won't count on you for a review. I did kick it old school last night, though, and watched a little ANTM (a show I used to be obsessed with!). Report: Same ol' Tyra!

Ok, so this post is a bit of a round up and its a bit of big ol' girl crush.  It all started when two weeks ago I was visiting my mom and she asked me to set her up on Pinterest. Ah-ha. She hasn't pinned much yet but had many YES! moments when I showed her all the things you can find on Pinterest with a simple search.

So I decided to share my absolute favorite "pinners", in hopes of spreadin' the love but also in hopes that everyone will share their favorites with me, too! Here ya go:

  • Kate @ Wit + Delight.  Great blogger, great pinner. I like how she pins lots of different things (home, art, fashion, everything)

  • Nina Garcia. Its fun to picture her pinning away, and she always pinning gorgeous celebs in gorgeous gowns AND the season's trends. 

  • Bonnie Tsang's "B's Style" Board. The picks can sometimes be expensive, but what I love about it is that it's real enough that you think: That looks great, and I already own some of the pieces of that look.  To me, that's actual inspiration I can use. 

Hope you enjoy!

So tell me, tell me, everyone, who do you follow? I would love to know your best friend's awesome board, or anything related to food, decor, style, oh TRAVEL. I'd love a good travel board.

Can you share with me?


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