Thursday, March 22, 2012


GAH I miss Miami already! A little more on that waiter at Ironbird...not only did he say: "we don't serve skim milk here", he came over a second time and asked: "You ordered the biscuits, the waffles, AND the cheesy quiche. You really think SKIM MILK is gonna make a difference at this point?!?". Good point, but eeesh!

So, D, I can't stop thinking about this haircut I saw. This might seem weird since this is my hair history:  I had the same haircut (long layers) for 15 years before I donated to Locks of Love (great cause, bad haircut for me), and then promptly went back to long layers. Suuper original.

But lately its been BUGGING me. Probably because my last haircut was November 1st. What? I'm a girl on a budget. But seriously it is getting loooong and weighed down and unruly. The layers are about 4 inches grown out. Check it out: 

So I have been totally inspired by Corinne Bailey Rae's haircut. I love it: 

From the ever-incredible Sartorialist

Via Corinne's Website.

I mean, how awesome is that hair? I love the rounded layers, the crazy side part, all of it! One of the things hairdressers always tell me that is pictures of celebs are really hard to go by with curly heads since "all curly hair is sooooo different".  I agree, my hair is not Corinne's, nor do I have as long or narrow a face as hers, so fiiine: what do you readers think of a cut like this?  I think it could make a cute ponytail too! I had a haircut that was kiiinda like this once (when my Locks of Love tragedy was growing out): 

But it wasn't nearly as cool as Corinne's. Who knows if I'll get the guts! 

Ok, all of this feels entirely too self-serving... even more than usual! :) 



  1. DO IT!! I loved your hair short, and you can totally pull this off!

  2. LOVE that middle photo of her hair in the white dress. If you do it you have to totally puff it out - you can pull it off, I love it.

  3. Yes! Fun! I think you would look great and I bet you'd feel great too!

  4. Your hair color and the curls match well. You really got a nice hair. Keep it healthy! haircutting classes

  5. Your hair looks great on you. It is best for your hair to have its regular cut so that you can maintain the nice shape. It seems on your first photo that your hair is just everywhere. Putting shape to it makes it look more natural. You got an amazing hair. It's funny that some people would buy weaves just to get that volume and shape. You have to take care of it very well.