Friday, March 30, 2012

New Spring Color Alert!

Hola Deweese,

I LOVE the wallpaper! Kind of like with rugs, its such a great way to bring in a huge amount of pattern and color into a room.  How is the powder room coming?

Oh and if you like Japanese Magnolia, then you gotta check out this!

So, before this season, when I thought of the word Mint, here are the images that came to mind:

Beautiful shot by Daydreamer Desserts

Yum. Or this...
Via A30_Tsitika on Flickr

Yum again. Or, of course, this....

 Oh yeah. 

But this season, due to blogs and magazines and the E! Network, when I think of the word mint I think of this beautiful color that I am seeing everywhere: 

Bikini, Necklace, Glasses, Leather Bracelet, Nail Polish, Lamp, Heels
Almost seafoam (but not exactly!) and certainly not aqua, its a very dreamy, creamy, pastelley little shade that feels oh-so early spring! 

Happy Friday Friends! Go have a mojito!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wallpaper to die for

I love your photos! Especially the Japanese Magnolia, my favorite flowering tree of the season.

My parents were in Phoenix last weekend and my Mom and I were laughing about our family trip out west when I was 10 or so... when we got to Arizona I said: "Where's the wallpaper, everything's stucco!" In 1992, everyone I knew had wallpaper. Lots of small flower patterns and hunter green walls with Laura Ashley borders. You know. Turns out there were many signs along the way that interior design was the profession for me. I mean, what 10 year old comments on regional design aesthetic?

I'm off the borders, but I still really love wallpaper. Luckily in my job I get to basically sit among stacks of wallpaper samples on a regular basis. And it's so hot right now which makes me so happy because there's so much to choose from! Check out some of my faves below, and check out my pinterest board for more inspiration.

The dragon print comes in fabric also and I have about 4 places in my apartment where I think it would be fantastic. You may recognize it from the header of this pretty famous blog.

Alas, the one problem with renting... wallpaper is typically frowned upon. So I'll just live vicariously through my parents powder room!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Part Two: NYC Edition

Hola Deweese and Happy Birthday Anna and Atty!

Nick and I were inspired by your beautiful cherry blossom shots last week and decided to leave a little extra time on our walk to a birthday party this weekend in order to snap some shots of the neighborhood flowers.

We also stopped into Lexington Candy Shop for a cup of coffee and stepped back in time. Next time: soda made on the spot.

On our walk Nick and I noticed how much more enjoyable it was to leave lots of extra time to get somewhere. We just noticed more...we stopped to read the menu of new restaurant, looked in the windows, etc. With so much rushing around lately, it was a welcome reminder to slooooow down.

PS: I can't believe how COLD it is now, these photos seem years away!
PPS: Diane's book is very interesting! I like it and it also makes me sad. Stay tuned for a less scatterbrained review.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Miss B,

I was a little mixed on the episode too. I mean, it was good... but it's just been so long! I like to read the New York Magazine recaps to help me digest each episode. It's so easy to miss all the subtlety.

I do love Don's new pad. It's funny because that style is so popular right now, I kinda felt like it was an ad for Room & Board.

FIRST, I would like to say Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite creatures.... my cousin Anna, new Mom to Abigail,  turns 1 year older than me today, so nice of her to do that every year... and ATTY turns 8 today! Can you believe it?
Obviously I have a graphic portrait of my cat. You can too! Click here

SECOND: I finished a terrific book for Book Club #1 last night and I think you would really enjoy it. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is a fictionalized portrayal of Hadley Richardson and her complicated marriage to Ernest Hemingway. She was his first wife, of four. Now, I'm no Hemingway fan (I read A Farewell to Arms in high school and hated it, but 15 years later, I should probably go back and read some of his work, maybe I'll like it now), but you don't need to be a devoted Ernest fan to enjoy this book.

I thought this story of their life together in Paris was beautifully told and from the little research I've done, is said to be pretty accurate. Can't beat a story about the roaring 20s in Paris with the likes of Gertrude Stein, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Ezra Pound. This era is a bit of a dead spot in my knowledge of history, so it was fun to read about what was really goin' down in Paris in the early 20s, and it certainly involved a lot of booze.

Hadley and Ernest Hemingway in Chamby, Switzerland, 1922. Photograph: Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

Now I want to read A Moveable Feast, Hemingway's own memoir of this time.

But next up on my list for Book Club #2 (this one has boys): The Technologists.

Let me know if you (or any of our readers) decide to read The Paris Wife, I'd love to know what you think!


PS.... I see you're reading Diane Keaton's new book. What do you think so far? I thought it was pretty revealing.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zou Bisou Bisou


Those cherry blossom photos are gorgeous!  I always see photos of the cherry blossoms against daytime blue skies, but these are stunning behind warm sunsetty skies. Loving your camera upgrade (and your photo skillz)!

Ok, so sorry to be obvious, but WHAT did you think? If anyone reading hasn't watched, I don't give away any real spoilers, dont worry.

Do you like Don's swinging new pad? That balcony! The sunken living room!

Anyway, I forgot how TENSE this show makes me feel. Peggy. Joan. Megan. GAH. Also, this season feels a little different for some reason. Maybe its just that it's been so long!

So what do you think about the new Mrs. Draper? Is she gonna show Don the light or be his downfall?

Nick told me he heard that Betty won't be in the season too much. Bummer. I love her creepy evilness.

Would love to know your thoughts! 


Friday, March 23, 2012

This post sponsored by Japan... and Barack Obama


You gotta do it! Seriously. I'm sure it will be a shock to your system at first, but I really think it would look fantastic!!!

I gotta tell you about my terrific night last night. Not only did the Louisville Cardinals beat #1 seed Michigan State: CARDS!,  but Jeff and I decided last minute to head to the Mall to check out the world famous cherry blossoms.  The day started out kinda cloudy, but the sun broke in the afternoon and it was just too nice out to pass up. 

We're out of town this weekend (and the weekend crowds can be prohibitive in my opinion), so instead of going home to do laundry and pack for our trip to Boston this weekend, we decided to play hooky from our chores and have a picnic dinner under the blooms. Ahhhh

Due to the warm winter (amazing), the blooms, which on average peak on/around April 4th, this year peaked on March 20th! 

Oh, and then we saw the President. Well, kinda. As we were heading over to the tidal basin, three Marine helicopters flew low overhead, the sure sign that Obama was in one of them and was being dropped off on the South Lawn of the White House. I will have lived in DC for 12 years! this fall, and I still think this is an awesome sight. It's just plain cool.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

We walked to the Jefferson Memorial for our picnic of what else... Sushi! 

My absolute fave: spicy crunch shrimp roll from Spices in Cleveland Park

To our readers: If you live in DC, check out the blossoms soon, before they're gone! And if you don't live in DC, make sure this is on your bucket list, there's really nothing like it.

Happy Friday, Happy Birthday Lizard and GO CARDS!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


GAH I miss Miami already! A little more on that waiter at Ironbird...not only did he say: "we don't serve skim milk here", he came over a second time and asked: "You ordered the biscuits, the waffles, AND the cheesy quiche. You really think SKIM MILK is gonna make a difference at this point?!?". Good point, but eeesh!

So, D, I can't stop thinking about this haircut I saw. This might seem weird since this is my hair history:  I had the same haircut (long layers) for 15 years before I donated to Locks of Love (great cause, bad haircut for me), and then promptly went back to long layers. Suuper original.

But lately its been BUGGING me. Probably because my last haircut was November 1st. What? I'm a girl on a budget. But seriously it is getting loooong and weighed down and unruly. The layers are about 4 inches grown out. Check it out: 

So I have been totally inspired by Corinne Bailey Rae's haircut. I love it: 

From the ever-incredible Sartorialist

Via Corinne's Website.

I mean, how awesome is that hair? I love the rounded layers, the crazy side part, all of it! One of the things hairdressers always tell me that is pictures of celebs are really hard to go by with curly heads since "all curly hair is sooooo different".  I agree, my hair is not Corinne's, nor do I have as long or narrow a face as hers, so fiiine: what do you readers think of a cut like this?  I think it could make a cute ponytail too! I had a haircut that was kiiinda like this once (when my Locks of Love tragedy was growing out): 

But it wasn't nearly as cool as Corinne's. Who knows if I'll get the guts! 

Ok, all of this feels entirely too self-serving... even more than usual! :) 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miami Recap!

Hello Readers,

Last week we promised you more on the adventures of three besties in Miami.

And by adventures, we're not talking racing ambiguous bad guys to Cuba like this. And well, there wasn't a lot of this going on, either...

Whatever that actually is.

We decided to go a little more low-key. What we did do a lot of is Mojito-ing, eating and gabbing... shocked, I'm sure.

That's right, it was a 72 hour conversation surrounded by sunny skies, pool-side bartenders and some pretty rad eats.

And unfortunately we were kind of delinquent when it came to taking photos (the shame!). Tragic. So we'll tell our story with some supplemental pics from the web.

Friday night: 
After arriving in Fort Lauderdale (thank you Jet Blue), we took a cab to our hotel, checked in and hit Ocean Drive. Deweese had never been to Miami before, but Blythe and Dukester were prepared for the human traffic that is Ocean Drive... did we mention it was Spring Break? Luckily we had a destination in mind, News Cafe, where Dukester and Blythe had eaten before and where we knew we could watch the scene from a patio perch, without being part of it. And a scene it was!

Alex Quesada for The New York Times
After a nice breakfast on the deck at the hotel, we scoped out the beach and our beach valet helped us with a very necessary umbrella. It was a gorgeous day to sit and chat and drink and chat and reapply sunscreen and chat and peruse US Weekly and chat. We were also able to check the ole "I saw boobies and junk in Miami" box. Whew!

We lunched on wood-fired pizza, french fries and mojitos (perhaps the perfect meal?) at our hotel pool in the afternoon and did a repeat of morning routine but pool-side.

View of the beach from our pool
Our pool had sand too!

For dinner we gussied ourselves up and headed over to The Dutch at the W Hotel for a feast! Somehow we were able to get a reservation (not so easy in NYC) and although we had an annoyingly eager server*, the food was delish.

*When we tried to order an appetizer while we decided on our entrees the server asked if he could put the entire order in at once, cause "it's about to get Real South Beach in here". Ohhhhhkay. That being said, it did in fact get really South Beach in there.

Dukester made a brunch reservation for us at Yardbird, a short walk from our hotel and it did not disappoint. Yardbird lived up to it's 'Southern Table + Bar' label when Blythe tried to order skim milk for her coffee and got a polite if sarcastic "We don't do skim milk here sweetie". The decor was spot on (hipster gets job at Restoration Hardware) and the morning quiche, buttermilk biscuits and Big Ol' Stack of Waffles were divine. 

From there, rinse and repeat from Saturday afternoon. Pool, mojitos, french fries and pizza.

For dinner, and on the advice of a one Lucy M, we walked down Lincoln Road to Quattro. We ate al fresca and had a wonderful meal to bring our trip to a close. Best friends, ravioli and Miami. Perfecto!

And that's it! 

We might not have many good pics, but the memory of this trip is guaranteed to last a life time. One for the ages.