Thursday, February 9, 2012

Their majesties: Part 2


ERNIE! He's soooo handsome! And looks like he's made a total adjustment and feels right at home. Isn't it nice to come home to another little heartbeat in your apartment? KITTY 4 EVA!

Also, I noticed the other day that Elise from Enjoy It posted about her experience with natural beauty products. Check it out!


Well, the King and Queen have arrived! A few weeks ago I told you about my big plans to blow up the stamps from our wedding and hang them over our bed. Read about it here.

Jeff and I enlarged the image, ordered a 'movie-sized' poster (24"x36") from Poster Burner and it arrived without a hitch.

The next day, I was headed to the frame store to pick up some art for a client and decided to take 'Their Majesties' with me to get a price estimate. I wanted to know just how much money I was going to need to save up to get these lovelies framed.

Well LO AND BEHOLD, when I got to the frame shop, there was an envelope waiting for me with a gift certificate from my boss, Annie and my colleague, Elizabeth, remember them! I can't even describe to you how surprised and excited I was! I called them immediately and they explained that it was an early 30th birthday gift. I truly couldn't think of a nicer gift and it's EXACTLY what I wanted. I can't thank them enough for such an awesome gift! I am without a doubt the luckiest Design Assistant this side of the Mississippi (and beyond)!

SO... just this week, I picked up the King and Queen from their tour at the frame shop and here they are on our wall!

What do you think? I'm in love. It's just the thing I think this room needed to bring all the colors together. And it's definitely the first thing you notice when you enter the room.

And as you can see, I'm still working on my photography skills. Those orange pillows were really comin' up hot this morning when I took the photos! Thanks to Lauren McK for always sending me great photography tips online, like these!

So here are some questions for you and our readers:

  • Do you think it's hung at the right height? Should it be lower?
  • How do you feel about painting the walls the same teal that's in the print. Too matchy-matchy? Here's the inspiration, again. 
  • The blue polka dots on the curtains and the orange print on the duvet are throwing me off a little bit. I love lots of pattern, but is this too much in the same relative size?
  • What should we name the King and Queen?

Can't wait to introduce you to our bedroom royalty next time you're in town!


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