Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rick or Ryan?


What a lovely Valentine's Day you had! Can't wait to hear how the recipes turned out! Jeff and I stayed home too and made an awesome meal. Well, Jeff made it and I chopped the garlic. We had steak au poivre, frites (cause we're too fancy for fries) and salad with this awesome dressing. SO delicious. We were trying to mimic our neighborhood fave Medium Rare.

Speaking of my personal chef... Jeff came to me with a puzzling question the other day: "If Rick Santorum is making the sweater vest "cool", does that mean I need to get rid of mine?"

Very good question.

I've never really had an opinion on sweater vests, but I do know that I think Jeff looks great in his slim suit with a sweater vest and tie.  So I did some digging, and I've decided I come down firmly on the side of pro-sweater vest. But here are my two new rules: No argyle and no personal logo (sorry Rick, it's just tacky).

And here's some advice from one of my new favorite magazines, GQ.

I like to think Jeff looks a little more like Ryan and less like Rick. Cause this is hot.

Here are some other famous vesters.

What do you think, Blythe and readers. Rock it or not?



  1. I'm all for the sweater vest as long as it follows the above rules, while also not looking like one you'd wear to golf. Keep it slim-fitting and muted in color.

  2. Josh! Thanks for commenting. I was thinking about you while writing this post, wondering why I hadn't consulted you!