Friday, February 10, 2012

Phone-A-Friend: Tracey's Italian Travels

Happy Friday, Everyone!

We've got an exciting Phone-A-Friend today from Blythe's college roomie, Tracey! Little did Blythe know back when they would lie around the dorm watching "You've Got Mail" over and over again, that Tracey would end up becoming a wonderful (and very popular, we might add) wedding photographer! If you are getting married or need photography in the Minneapolis area, you've got to look her up: Tracey Joy Photography.  

Ok, so back to the task at hand. Tracey is looking for travel advice. Not just any old travel, but ITALY travel. Here is her email to us:

Hi Ladies,

So, as I mentioned, Dan and I are heading to Italy in November.  In 2011, we went to Belize, and now I am so excited to finally get to a place that I have ALWAYS wanted to go - Italy. I'm already running extra in preparation for all of the food and wine I plan to eat.

We fly into Rome, arriving on November 16th and we come home, also out of Rome, on November 27th  - so we are in Italy for 11 nights.  We definitely want to spend time in Rome, and I'm thinking 2 other places as well. My initial thoughts are Florence and Naples, but Blythe for some reason I thought I remembered you saying you weren't a big fan of Florence? Either way, we are totally open.  Mostly, I want to eat amazing food, drink amazing wine, walk for miles and miles, and see cool stuff.  I have always wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast (too many times watching Only You with Robert Downy Jr. and Marisa Tomei in college!!) and I read that Naples is supposedly the gastronomical epicenter of Italy so I thought that would be a good day trip from Rome.  But Dan has also mentioned Sicily and Venice, and my uncles have both recommended Lake Como, so I'm looking for some advice so that we can choose the cities and start planning the rest of the trip!  If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them!  Also, if you have ideas as far as how much time we should spend in each place, that would be much appreciated as well!

Thanks!!  Hope your New Years are off to a wonderful start!


To Tracey we say: What a Dolce Vita! So excited for you. This one is right up our alley and we are glad to help!

No reason. Just amazing. Source

As everyone knows at this point, Blythe studied abroad in Roma, so she'll handle this one, but that also means a lot of this info will come from that time, which was, er, a long time ago. Anyone who can provide some updated advice, please chime in!

First off: Your time in Roma. We have lots of ideas, since Deweese was just there about a year ago! Here is Blythe's guide to Roma Part One and Part Two and Deweese's follow up pics!

After Roma, I would say that you already have some wonderful ideas! I don't really think you can go wrong. I have always wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast, and I've only heard amazing things.* Also, you are right, it IS me who isn't a big fan of Florence (did I just loose some Readers? Hope not!).  It is of course an amazing place, but my advice is to think about if seeing all the famous parts are that important to you.  If not, then I'd skip to visit places where you will hear less English and eat better! Here are my recommendations:

  • A night in Siena. This is close to Florence but much smaller, less touristy, and beautiful. Because it's small you might not need a lot of time there but it will be a wonderfully charming contrast to the hustle and bustle that is Roma!  (Check out these pics!)
Gorgeous Photo via Wellies and Vogue 

  • Venice.  It's sinking, right? So you should go now! I know that people might think that I am silly for loving Venice, which is equally as touristy as Florence, but I can't help it! Its like no where else in the world and for that, its worth it! 

  • Oh and of course, one WILD CARD: Capri. Incredibly beautiful views and luxurious as ever.  After so many cobblestones and church tours, take in blue blue water and the amazing heights! However, I would do some research about the time of year that you will be there.  I can't imagine Capri not being beautiful, but it's always good to check!

Maybe I'm getting a little old, but I think three (four max) cities in 11 days sounds like enough to me! You need to have enough time to sit at an outdoor cafe for 4 hours drinking wine or coffee and people watching. In each city!  Otherwise, I would definitely do a trip to Naples (its close enough to Rome for a day trip). Be sure to get pizza. Remember that part in Eat, Pray, Love (I actually never saw the movie, only read the book)? Oh yes.

Tracey please keep us posted on what you decide. And of course, we're hoping for loads of gorgeous travel photography! 


*Deweese toured the Amalfi coast with her family last year and recommends Positano (this hotel is awesome), Amalfi (the town) and Sorrento. November will be off-season though, so check the weather, but it could be great for hotel rates! Be sure you have a tough tummy too, those roads are very windy!


  1. When you're driving from Rome to Naples, a great place to stop about halfway is in Sperlonga. The old town is higher up (typical of all the coastal towns in that area). The best thing about it is the labyrinthine set-up of the old buildings, decorated by amazing murals (see some here: Charming, unique, and wonderful! Have a great trip!

  2. I went to Capri in November and it was beautiful. Warmer than fall here, probably 60s or so? It was also really quiet and hotel prices are very low since it's off season. Enjoy!