Friday, February 3, 2012

Phone-A-Friend: Quinn's Elfin Shoe Crisis

Happy Friday!

Today we want to share with you a fun Phone-A-Friend request we got from Deweese's cousin Quinn. Lil' Q is one of our favorite people and has been a huge supporter of 75th + Sedgwick from the start. She keeps us in the loop on all things social networking and last Spring we took her informal survey course "Tweeting for beginners".

Now we're happy to return the favor! Here's Lil' Q's pickle:

Blythe and Deweese-

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the elfin shoe crisis. I am looking for a dress shoe that I can wear on my walk to work and then continue to wear throughout the workday. I want to break the habit of wearing these to work and then slipping into my pumps at my desk. The elfin aspect of this seek and find comes in with the shoe size... we're talking womens 5 1/2. I wear a lot of black, so I'm looking for a black shoe that looks classic but I can also wear for the morning commute.

The additional twist for you, shoe sleuths, is my sense of "style". I really shy away from more feminine looking shoes (read ballet flats) BUT I want a loafer type of shoe with some kind of feminine flourish, like a nice buckle or something.  If anyone can solve this conundrum, I know it's Blythe and Deweese. Here's hoping you accept!

Lil Q

Done and Done, Lil' Q! This is an awesome assignment because we have always struggled with the same issue. If you walk any sort of distance to work, you don't want to wear your nice work shoes, as they are typically not that comfortable and more importantly, the city streets will chew them up. Also, who wants to lug around shoes all the time?

We think we've collected some fun options that may not be what you would typically reach for, but would look kick ass cruising to work in DC.  Our inspiration for you (and whom you should totally consider being your style icon): Diane Keaton circa her 
Annie Hall days. I mean, who doesn't love Diane Keaton!

We know you wear a lot of black, which is why we think a grey or a warm brown (cognac) would rock. The days of matching the color of your shoes to your outfit are over my friend. Contrast is king! All of these options are super slick for work (and gets you out of pumps), won't get eaten by the streets of DC and we think are right up your personal style alley.

The Bonus? If you really want to kick it up a notch, these boots would be terrific with your work pants, and then rock with some skinny jeans tucked in on the weekends. We know, we know, you might not be there yet, but keep it in mind!

The flat bootie:
The oxford:
The non-ballet flat:
Piper Lime
Just Jazie:
Piper Lime

Most of these have your size (or did at one point), but now that you have some styles to look for, you can find almost any shoe in any style at right size and price.

Keep us posted!

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