Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Mouse Ran Up the Clock!


Looks like you guys had an awesome time! But PLEASE stop talking about those cookies. It's torture!

I have another apartment update for you this week. I've been really trying to check things of my to-do list this winter, instead of just staring at the piles like I usually do. So far so good!

This is a story of three clocks:

They used to live here:

But this space was feeling sooooooo empty! And I think TV walls are insanely difficult to decorate. Like, nearly impossible.

So I hired this handsome handyman. And he measured and leveled and hammered.


Not too bad for a Tuesday night! I'm really pleased with how they look! Now we just need some batteries and little signs with the locations for each time (Louisville, DC, Boston).

I've been conflicted about getting things hung on our newishly painted walls. The color is so saturated it's literally where light goes to die. I'm not complaining, I just know I need to get some reflective services up on the walls to help the light keep moving around the room. At the same time, I don't want to hang things hastily that I will come to regret. So I've been staring at these poor blank walls for a few months now, and I was finally ready to spring into action!

Here's a peak of the plans I have for the rest of the wall. More to come next week!

Thank heavens it's finally February! I felt like January would never end! And it feels like Spring here in DC, so I'm a happy woman!


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