Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Mod Podge It


How was your weekend? Jeff and I had an awesome weekend with my parents and brother and sister-in-law who came up to DC to celebrate my birthday. We ate great food, went to Ikea and took in some monuments. The perfect weekend! Then we snuggled in to watch the Oscars which I thought were just fine. It wasn't the best show I had ever seen, and I wish I had seen more of the nominated movies, but I was entertained and loved reading about JLo's nip slip on twitter... so funny. My favorite was Carson Kressley's tweet (of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame).

So a few weeks ago when I told you about the clocks we hung above our tv, I hinted that we would be hanging a large 'Q' on the wall too. But I never followed up! Here's the story of the Q...

I was at Miss Pixie's a few months ago and found a huge stack of giant letter "Q"s for $5 each. Since it's the first letter of our last name, I grabbed one for me and one for my cousin Lil' Q. I wasn't sure what we could do with them, but a 3 foot Q for $5 seemed like a can't miss opportunity.

So a few weeks ago, Lil' Q and our cousin Steph and I met up at Paper-Source to peruse their awesome selection of papers. We thought we would decoupage the Qs and hang them in our respective apartments. Unfortunately for Steph, there were no 'S's on sale at Miss Pixies, so she picked up a nice cardboard 'S' at Paper-Source.

After consulting the Paper-Source fairies, we purchased a few bottles of glossy Mod Podge as our adheasive of choice. This stuff is great. Dries clear and shiny. Just what we wanted.

We had a blast and got really sticky. 

I really love it and am pleased with how my Q turned out. Only problem: It's really pink. I wanted a warm color on the cool wall and we have a ton of pink in our antique rug... but this put Jeff over the 'pink line' for our living room (totally fair), so we're thinking about hanging it in the office instead. For right now though, it keeps the clocks company on our lovely charcoal wall.


PS... Isn't living near cousins the best thing ever?

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