Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Ready...

For the biggest night in Hollywood!!!

Here are some tips for a getting ready for a great Oscar night, whether you are hosting a party of twenty or a party of one:
  • Analyze some of those funny graphs and charts that are everywhere now. 
  • It's still kind of the start of the year and if you're like us, you're on a budget. Go ahead and buy yourself some $8 slippers from Target for maximum comfort during hours of TV viewing.
  • Browse this slide show of the best actresses through the years (and some really amateur photography if you ask us!) 
  • Make this. Then eat it!
  • And then on Monday get ready for lots and lots of time here!! Waa-hoo!


  1. Thank you for the Best Picture graphs link.

  2. MUST have those slippers! They are adorbs! For Sunday and beyond...