Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ernie Update


I totally hear you on the Man mags! I always love reading them too -- when Nick lived with 3 other guys, I would steal them and read them every time I went over! Gotta admit though, I love a good Glamour every once in a while. Can not tell a lie.

So I was thinking it might be time for an update on Ernie. He is adjusting very well to his new surroundings and mostly enjoys sitting in our Eames replica surveying the land. The cutest thing he does is non-nonchalantly follow us room to room (he is next to me while I am typing). Check out these recent pics:


And mucho gracias to our dear friend Sarah, who knitted Ernie this adorable little mouse stuffed with cat nip! How great is that? He is so spoiled! 

Ok, that's enough. I wouldn't want this blog to turn all crazy kitty on us.


PS: Did you read about the Kathmandou? So exciting!


  1. Loving the comments, Sarah! Waa-hoo! Also, Ernie loves his mouse. Thank you!

  2. Erndogg is looking very at home!

  3. This is Ella m Mcintyre. Yor cat is so cute! He is almost like my cat. I cant want to see you over summer brak! Love
    Ella xoxoxo

  4. Ella!!!!

    Your comment has made my day!

    I did not know that Ernie looks your cat! Can you send me a picture of him? So very excited to see you this summer, I miss you, Ella!