Thursday, February 16, 2012

Downton Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Mary?!

Source. Also, hope you got the Pussycat Dolls reference, since that's the version we sing in my house!


I love your post yesterday. That slideshow was the best! Doug! Nick is not a sweater vest wearer so I do not really have a frame of reference for this, but normally I think they are kinda Grandpa-ish. Not that all grandpa looks are bad!

So, to quote our dear friend Stephen, "how have we not posted on Downton Abbey yet?"

I've just started watching this awesome show and Deweese I know you are fan. Who else is watching?


What I love most about the show is the time period. It shows that in some moments of history, so much changed within a society in just two generations.  Remember when Lady Grantham asked: "What is a weekend?".  Really it seems no one is exactly sure about what is right and wrong in this moment in this society.

Also, I love the dresses so much. Someone give me an excuse to wear a dress like that someday, mmmkay?


PS: Now up for your daily dose of CUTE.  Here's our adorable Lil' Miss (so grown up with a bow!):

Also here is a French Bulldog that can D.J.:

And I'm out!

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