Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Are you over ombré?

Hi Blythe!

It looks like you guys had such an awesome time! Was there any music making? A new album coming out soon?

Not only am I late posting today, I am so late to the game on the below hair trend. But I had to share before it goes totally out-of-style.

In my defense, I don't really follow hair trends. I always have some variation of poop-brown hair. I color it to conceal the grey, I'm still in my 20s afterall... for one more day! I usually have a 'stacked bob' or I'm 'growing it out'. Those are really the only variations.

But I started noticing an actual hair trend about a year ago. I've been seeing this color trend all over the ridiculous tv shows I watch. I first noticed it on 'Annie' on the new 90210 (yes, I just admitted that).

I've seen it on lots of other celebrities too, but never knew what it was called. I just found out the other day and did a little research, only to find out that this trend is all but over.

It's called ombré. 

And as ridiculous as I thought it looked at first, it kinda grew on me, and now I really like it. 

In jest, ombré is a gradual fade of one color to another. So on a lot of folks it just looks like they are growing out their blond highlights. Which sounds totally counterintuitive. But I think it works! What do you think? Is it so silly?

Have no fear, my friend. Ombre is for YOU, too!

And let's not forget who started it all!


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