Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Annual GOGH Weekend!

Dear Deweese!

Hope you had a great weekend! This weekend was the annual GOGH weekend... in a far away land where they actually have this white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky and collects on the ground.  They told me it was "snow" and said it used to come in the wintertime!

We had our annual meal of butternut squash risotto, but this year we also enjoyed roasted brussels sprouts and this AMAZING dessert, that I must share. Love me some Ina.

Here are some photos:


I need to thank my dear friend Anne. She not only found the recipes, but she also was the chef for these amazing meals! Thank you so much, Anne!



  1. What a fun tradition! My mouth is watering just reading this!

  2. Holla to the chef! and photographers!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Glad I could contribute something, since I'm not actually in the band. Also, holla to the missing drummer. She'll have to take make-up moonwalking lessons. Love the group photography effort!

  4. I love that the Maine & NH girls are barely wearing heavy coats while you are dressed as if you are exploring the North Pole. Has living south of New England softened you Blythe?!?!

  5. Brownie pudding? Mmmmm, you had me at 1/2 pound of butter...

  6. Truth be told, they have to outfit me with snow pants and boots every year! The bundling was overkill I realized about 10 minutes into the hike. BUT I reeeally wanted to wear my new hat!

    Also, yes, 2 sticks of butter. Ina literally says: "don't start with me about the butter" in the video. Gotta love it!

    DRUMMER: We missed you mucho mucho!!!