Thursday, February 23, 2012


Awesome cupcake by Aih on Flickr

Dearest Deweese... It's your BIRTHDAY! There are few happier days for a best friend than a best friend's birthday!  You are 30, following your dream, and looking mighty fine while doing it! To keep a tradition going, here are the things I wish for you this birthday...  

  • Some wonderful QT with Jeff and Atty (DUH)
  • A warm birthday.  You famously dislike the cold, and this year it seems mother nature is on your side! 
  • A gorgeous manicure.  You love getting your nails done and always have fun picking out the colors. Spring for the 10 minute massage. 
  • A little random chuckle.  
  •  Some incredible TV
  • And an equally incredible book: 
Peacefulness captured by Bethan via Flickr

And last but not least, when we are all together, I promise to take you out for one of these (or both):

How GOOD does that look in da middle of February?