Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Put on the Lipstick


Diggin' the clouds! They really do complete that room and I love that they are your clouds... that Nick photographed them.  And you know I love how huge they are! My king/queen poster came in the mail yesterday and it looks terrific. Now I just have to save up some money to get it framed! I think it's gonna look sick!!!

So you know that aside from Jeff and Atty, I basically live for TV. I'm being serious. Little I love more than sitting down to my favorite tv show on a week night. I like to think it's charming, like how my Grandmother Julie used to watch her "stories" every afternoon when she retired. It's probably just lame, but I don't care. It's my thing. Oh... and the TV has to be trashy. Not like Mob Wives trashy, but close.

Last night however, I watched the season finale of both Real Housewives: Beverly Hills AND Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Ahhhhh! What's a girl to do before RH: Orange County and Bethenney Ever After start in February?

Aha! I was trolling Hulu for something unrelated the other day and realized that Hulu has ALL 20 episodes of the ill-fated Lipstick Jungle. It wasn't on long and I was clearly the only viewer (Lori?), but I really enjoyed the show and have been slowing re-watching both seasons on my computer (while Jeff plays xbox live with my brother). I can't tell you why I like it, the pretty ladies, New York, Robert Buckley. But even if you're not a fan of my usual shows (above), you might want to check out Lipstick Jungle. I'm finding that it takes a bit of the edge of of January (my least favorite month)! Watch it here.

And here's a terrible quality clip of the promo...



  1. For a minute I thought this post was about actual lipstick - so glad I was wrong! You were definitely NOT the only viewer - I was right there with you TV soul mate. I watched every episode, I'm so glad to hear it's on Hulu. Long live the Jungle. xo

    p.s. Tell me you recorded Kim K co-hosting with Kelly Ripa on Mon?

  2. um, lipstick jungle was my favorite show and i'm still mourning its end. so at least we know there were three of us.

  3. I can always count on you two! If only there had been four of us, maybe it would still be on!

  4. I totally watched Lipstick Jungle...and so did Geoff! Maybe we can start a petition to get it back on the air!