Friday, January 20, 2012

Phone-A-Friend: Sarah's Side Tables

Guess what?! It's FRIDAY and we're Phone-A-Friend-ing!

This one comes from Sarah, Blythe's friend for over 7 years (can you believe that, Sarah?) and NYC neighbor. Here's a pic of Sarah and her husband Chase from our New Year's Eve party:

Don't you just want to open up a bottle of wine and chit chat with these two?

Here's her note:

Hello Ladies,
I'm a big fan! Long time reader, first time emailer.
Here's my problem -- side tables.

Right now we have a living area which we have divided into a sitting area and dining area. The sitting area has two couches that face each other. The purplish couch is next to the "dining room" table and it is flanked by matching tables. Neither of us are thrilled about the tables, they were cheap and I think they are too matchy-matchy. I've thought about putting a mirror on top of one, or trying to dress them up. But honestly, there might be not way to save them both; I think we've lived with them for too long. We tend to favor function and we just need these tables to be a place to rest a cup and small plate. It would be a plus if they could store take-out menus and coasters.

Alternatively, while aesthetics has never been our main concern (is it OK to admit that? Did I even have to admit it - what is up with those pillows and blanket all on the same couch?!) the white couch needs a proper side table too. Anyone else still using an Ikea plant stand to rest a cocktail?

I can't wait to see your suggestions!

P.S... I will not be offended if you want to suggest some pillows for the couches...

Check out the pics of her space:

Note: Blythe has always admired Sarah's ability to create a very warm and inviting home that has interesting conversation pieces and great taste all rolled into one. And then, well, she got exposed brick and it took it to a whole new level!

Ok, ok, to Sarah we say: We totally agree that the side tables could use a more collected vibe vs. the matchy-matchy look. Not just because we love the "collected" look, but also because it would work well will the other pieces in your space.

Enter moodboard o' suggestions: 

And links and explanations!

We chose several different styles for you because we think they would all gel with your sofas. We love that you have different styles of furniture co-existing and like the sofas, think the side tables definitely don't need to match any specific style. Think of them as their own 'piece' that you can move from room-to-room, apartment-to-apartment. We're especially in love with the idea of putting something super modern next to the victorian sofa.

You'll also notice that these tables are all really leggy and light. Since the white sofa has a skirt and the purple sofa has wood trim, we thought it would be nice to lighten the visual air so to speak with tables that don't have heavy bases. And you can see that we chose tables with lots of metal for an added element/material to the room.

Hope you like them and keep us posted!

Hairpin legs (Ciao nightstand)
Iron nesting
Gold base
Saarinen (or a knock-off)


PS... we love the eclected look of your current sofa pillows. We say run with it. Pick out some of your faves from Etsy and mix them all together!

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