Thursday, January 26, 2012

Phone-A-Friend: Miami Travel Guide

That's right! We're going to the beach! This March, we're headed with Dukester to Miami to celebrate our 30th birthdays! Ahhhh!

We thought planning a fun trip to celebrate the big 3-0 would be a good way to look forward to leaving our 20s behind, instead of freaking out about it (as we want to do).

We're thinking the trip will be kinda like this... but if Kim was there and they were a leeeeetle paler.

BUT... we need your help! That's right, we're Phone-A-Friending our readers for suggestions on what to see, where to eat and where to play.

We've already booked our flights and found a rad hotel (thanks, Laura E!) but we gotta know your favorite hot spots for sun, shopping, dancing, drinking and eating! Oh, and where we can pick up some emergency aloe. You know, just in case.

Comment below with your suggestions!


PS... this is our hotel. Ha!

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