Friday, January 6, 2012

Phone-A-Friend: Dana's Wedding Album!

Happy Friday, Readers!

Today's our first Phone-A-Friend in 2012! It comes from our dear friend Dana, who recently married the sweetest guy ever, Noah. They basically make the cutest duo on the planet:

See what we mean? Anyway, here's her email to us:

Hello my lovely friends!

As you are both well-aware, I was married a mere two months ago and my apartment is still recovering from the in-flux of gifts, crafts, and other odds and ends that fill your life when you are planning a wedding. We finally received all 1200 photos from our wonderful photographers and my next project is creating albums for both sets of parents. I had originally planned to get pretty hand-made albums, buys prints and put everything together myself. I'm now rethinking this plan as I am a little weddinged-out and don't want to spend months creating these albums that I will surely obsess over.

My mom actually suggested the idea of doing a Snapfish album. I'm sure you've seen these where you upload all your pics into a template and they send you a hard cover book. It certainly takes out a lot of the work on my end and they are very moderately priced. I looked through and the ones on the Snapfish website are a little cheesy. I also heard about this website Blurb, which does the same thing and it's a bit nicer. 

Have either of you had any experience with printing these photo albums? Would you recommend one over the others or do you have other ideas about how to send my loved ones wedding pix in a nice format? Or do I just suck it up and do it myself?

I know your awesomely creative heads have some gem of info that I have not heard yet!


To Dana we say: "I know, riiiiiight!?" Neither of us have yet to complete our wedding albums for our Spring 2010 weddings! The horror. (Deweese's Mom is literally about to disown her if she doesn't produce some pictures very soon.) It's on the never-ending list of 2012 to-dos, so this email is perfect timing! Even though we are crafty ladies, we say do it online. Easier, and it will last longer! Here are our ideas and our experiences:

1. Fancier route.  Blythe used Photobook America to complete albums for both sets of parents. It was a tedious process and would have been expensive had it not been for a groupon.  However, the result is great:

2. Thoughts on Snapfish/Shutterfly/iphoto.  With the right amount of minimizing, these can actually be good options for a casual look.  The key is to take away aaaalllll the pre-designed pages and just stick to white plain pages. Using Shutterfly, Blythe made an album for Nick using pictures of their honeymoon that was pretty simple, but definitely casual. Check it out:

Snapfish also makes a nicer linen hardcover book (Lori is a pro at those!)

And now, drumroll please... 

3. OUR PICK: Pinhole Press.  100%.  Their look is super modern, streamlined and well, classy.  Blythe completed a family calendar this year via the site and was very impressed with the design. They might be a tad pricier than snapfish, but no where near the cost of a professional photo album. And, you don't have to download any software to your computer, which is a big plus.

If since your email you totally changed you mind and want to make one your is a really cool homemade album.

Hope this helps. Would love to see the final product!

Happy weekend everyone!


PS: Just in case anyone is wondering, no one paid or buttered us up to pick Pinhole Press. We just honestly like them the best!


  1. Oh, Pinhole Press! I adore them. They get my vote!

  2. We haven't done ours yet...going on two years! A friend of mine that is a wedding photog on the side recently recommended Asuka Book as well. I've been playing around a bit on their site.

  3. This is making me feel so much better that we haven't put an album together yet. Whew, we're not the only ones! It just seems to daunting.

  4. 1. cutest photo Dana and Noah! 2. I use Snapfish and Shutterfly all the time for myself and for work. If you want to go the "big box" route, Shutterfly is often cheaper (they allow you to use multiple coupon codes) and they allow you to manipulate the page layouts a bit more if that's of interest to you, but I've found that Snapfish's album materials are a bit nicer quality. Happy albumizing!

  5. I also recommend (as a cute and cheap gift for the parents) a 2x3 mini photo book ("brag book") from SnapFish. My mother and mother-in-law love having these tiny, thin books in their purses to show off the wedding.

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