Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lounging and Snacking. Does a weekend get any better?


Oh man. Don't worry about the paint! I think it is best to focus on how great it looks now and chuck it up a very understandable mistake for a lady who simply loves the color green. The ideas for the office look fantastic.

I do completely understand the frustration of finally getting something started and then actually feeling accomplished, only to have it be a big ol' waste of time.  Too often blogs only show the awesomeness of DIY.  Kudos to you for sharing the more bummer moments, too!

Well, my dearest Brinie (and husband Rob) joined me this weekend and we had a very relaxing, hilarious weekend. After we caught up over the longest, most relaxing morning at home that I have had in ages (homemade brunch included!), we decided to make it a bit of food-centric weekend that included a trip to Shake Shack, a late afternoon cookie snack that almost spoiled dinner (pizza) and a good ol' fashioned NYC brunch.

A note on Levain: Seriously awesome. They are the size and shape of a hockey puck... but for some reason that alludes burnt and/or dried out connotations. These are niether. They are seriously so, so, so gooey and delicious. I actually have to stop writing about it because it is making me want another.  YUM.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Sorry to keep this post kinda short. I am fighting a nasty cold and am signing out to return to my Puffs, Earl Gray tea and sweatpants.


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