Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello, 2012.

Hi Deweese,

Nick and I finally finished uploading the pics from our New Year's get together. For our readers: Deweese and I had the pleasure of ending our holiday break together in NYC to celebrate a couple of occasions. First, our group of college friends (plus a lil' sis) surprised our friend DH for her birthday.  We surprised her at Lillie's and then headed over to ABC Kitchen. We had one of the big round tables that I really love. The next night everyone came over to my house for a good old fashioned New Year's Eve party, and also another birthday celebration (DH's husband and our best man, Marc!).  We enjoyed a spicy fruity rum punch, some salty snacks and dance-worthy tunes.  I was so excited to break out the wedding china! Oh and did I mention we got to swoon over a really cute baby very near and dear to my heart?

I couldn't have been happier being able to celebrate with these people, including you, D!



  1. Looks amazing! So sorry we missed it :(

  2. We missed the Hardings very much! Perhaps next year. I saved the glittery stars after all . :)