Monday, January 30, 2012

First World Problems: A Painting Tragedy


Hope you had a terrific weekend! Jeff and I had a great time hanging out with our west coast besties, Natalie and Wes, and the weather was amazing!

Also this weekend Jeff and I corrected the most tragic of painting mistakes that I made last week.

Let me catch you up to speed...

Because we live on the top floor of an 80-year-old building, we had some water damage to our office post August earthquake and major rainstorm. The building came by to repair the damage in the Fall, but the patches needed to be repainted. And as of last week, I had yet to make this happen. You can read about our office here and here

Here's what it looked like post-repair:

Just a little paint touch-up. No big deal! But I was sick of painting after our charcoal adventure and then the holidays came, so it wasn't until last week that I cleared out the room to make way for my trusty step ladder and paint brush. Plus I had already pulled the left-over office paint from our storage locker, so it was easy breezy.

I was so proud of myself for starting this annoying task. One more coat and I would be done. UNTIL later that night when I realized the horrible truth... I had used the wrong paint!!!!

OMG. I could have died.

I had pulled the paint we used for our bedroom when we first moved in (dark olive green), instead of the 'Jalepeno' we used for the office. Below you can see pictures of the contrast. But also see how similar they are, so that when I was painting, the wet paint totally looked like it could have been the wall color... just not after it dried.

I tell ya, if I were a crier, I would have been sobbing. Instead I just sat in the middle of the room and silently stared up at the dark green streaks. Jeff finally removed me from the room out of concern for the walls and me.

SO... yesterday, Jeff and I found the REAL Jalepeno and covered up my mistakes, which fortunately didn't take too long. Now we're back to the pre-water damage look. Whew!

It's so amazing how this color reacts to light. The two above photos were taken at the same time. Don't they look entirely different? Sometimes I think it's ridiculously ugly, and sometimes I think it's lovely.

In an effort to duplicate your Living Room to-do list... here's my office list:

1. Re-paint water damaged walls
2. Re-hang roman shade
3. Make roman shades for two remaining windows
4. Buy a desk
5. Buy a storage unit/bookcase
6. Buy red cover for chair

You can check out my ideas for the above purchases here. We're really trying to keep a low-budget on this project. It's the room we use least (maybe because it's usually full of junk) and I'd rather spend money on other parts of the apartment. But I want to make it nice and functional and more than just the room where Atty's litter box is.

Your friend covered in two shades of green paint,

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