Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Confession.

Hi Deweese,

The pictures are 100% fantastic. I love them - especially Macaroni the pup! I am so glad that you and Jeff got a new camera and I am pumped to see all the beauteous things in your world.  I have learned a little about photography from Nick, but would love to take a class too someday.  Let me know what you end up doing. Cool resolution.

Yes, yes, D, of COURSE you must know that I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was a preteen and even to this day, basically look like a terrified Frankenstein every time I ride a bike! I am sure I've told you why...

See, what happened was, I lived in Ireland my kindergarten year, and while I was there all the kids walk/ran/skipped around the neighborhood. I walked to school everyday.  Here is a visual aid, not actually of me  (google image search) but I promise, uh, it was just like this:


Little did I know that EVERY kid back in the US was learning to ride a bike. So when I got back a year later, it was already lame to even have training wheels.  I moved to suburban New Hampshire, where bikes RULE.  So I practiced and practiced, but really only at odd times when the other kids wouldn't catch me with my training wheels, awkward helmet, and rigor mortis-esque arms gripping the handles.

Then I started just not practicing all together. And soon it was the 90's and Rollerblading became cool. I jumped on that bandwagon so fast and quickly became someone who just simply "preferred to blade".

totally rad, but credit unknown. 

So fast forward to me being about 11, when my dad and I decided it was time to get serious. On Saturdays he would drive me to his office and spend hours teaching me in the empty parking lot. Sigh. My dad was really patient with me. Finally, I got to the point where I could ride around the neighborhood comfortably and I even have a scar from an over-the-handlebars biking injury like every other kid. But I never really fell in love. Weird, huh?

I know, its really lame (especially right now) to not be obsessed with bikes. Case in point:


But what can I say? I honestly do think that the bike sharing programs in cities these days are SO COOL (but, decidedly, only cool to me as a bystander).

Truth be told, the last time I rode a bike I was on my honeymoon on a barely paved and unmarked road in the woods of Tulum, Mexico with huge trucks roaring by. Needless to say, Nick (who absolutely loves to ride bikes) was a trooper to put up with me. I really wish we had a picture of that awkwardness. Did I mention I was in my bathing suit? Nice.

Mindy Kaling went through something very similar. It was so refreshing to read! Not many people know this about me. I am not sure why. I don't think its a secret....probably because I had to fess up to so many friends growing up. But perhaps, as I got older, I have avoided this lame fact about me.  Which is kind of a lame thing to do.

So there ya have it, my confession.  I'm terrified of riding bikes. Dramatic, I know.

Don't worry readers, we'll be back to more interesting things like home decor and nail polish color very soon.



  1. I bet you feel so good getting this down in print! couldn't help but think of you when I read that part of MK's book... don't tell her but I think your version is funnier, especially when told in person with the demonstrations, impersonations of your younger self, wild gesturing and impromptu additions from your family. Perhaps a video next time?! :)

  2. I love this post! I think we all have our own deep dark secrets that we think are so embarrassing, but other people find them endearing and special.

  3. Thank you ladies! It was very funny to look up rollerblading pics and also very liberating to write. Lori: if only I could convey hand gestures and my family's tendency to interrupt in a blog post! Melis: I totally agree!