Monday, December 12, 2011

My Momma before I was born (part one).

So D,

While I am away from the blog sailing to celebrate my mom's birthday (I still can't believe I get to go on this trip), I thought I'd post some vintage photos of my momma. This first post is of her childhood/teen years and then on Wednesday I'll post some of her as a young adult.

The last photo is of my parents when they first started dating. They are all dressed up for my mom's  prom! My mom held a party at her house for her friends before the prom and my dad, who was already in college, traveled to attend the prom with her. Isn't she beautiful? Also, I love the punch bowl and the wine bottles with the candles. :)

I love old family photos so much and have many framed in the apartment. I think its really fascinating to imagine what my parents were like before I was born.

Hope you are having a great week, D! I miss you!


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