Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meg of Milton


I'm totally diggin' the bathroom updates, and super jelly of what a nice bathroom it is (see my comments). A brilliant NYC score!

I realized last night that I never sent you the latest pictures of Meggie V and Drewski's home updates. I got to see Meg TWICE last week which was a special treat, including when Jeff and I invited ourselves over for pizza! I've loved this home since they moved there in 2009, but I gotta say, it's never looked better. They've put a lot of thought and elbow grease into their Milton home and it shows.

The whole house looks great, but I focused on the office and kitchen which I believe have seen the most change since you were last there. And the theme 'Really?' is inspired by the hysterical video you posted earlier this week. I watched it three times.

Here's their home office, which Meg uses as her professional home base as she's on the road a lot. They painted all the paneling, ripped out some  out-dated built-in furniture and scored this lovely chaise from craigs list.

Meg and Drew also completely renovated their kitchen. New cabinet doors, drawers and pulls, counter tops, gorgeous new hardwood floors and a coat of lovely green paint. They did a lot of this work themselves and I think they did a terrific job. This kitchen is warm and charming and I scooted right into that banquette and stuffed my face with pizza like I owned the joint. Perfect.

Blythe, couldn't you just die. I can't wait for you to see it in person.

Thanks for all the hospitality Meg and Drew and for allowing a very impromptu photo shoot!



  1. WOW! Meg! Congrats on your gorgeous kitchen. I not only love how it looks, but I so admire your ability to make decisions (I can see myself debating and debating with something like that)! When can we move in? Love the bookcases -- they are exactly how I want my china cabinet to look -- I am going to be calling you!

  2. Thanks Katie! I feel so honored to be featured in your blog. Can't wait to see you for New Year's Eve!

  3. I'm still pissed at myself that I didn't get a better picture of the new navy hallway upstairs. Doh!

  4. I agree DH! I have enjoyed many a glass of wine there and also large quantities of guacamole -- so I am very pleased it made the cut!

  5. Meg and Drew - the house looks great! That banquette makes me green with envy and I wish I could commit to an office space like that! Congrats on the new kitchen xoxo

  6. Gorgeous - love love it all. That shade of green reminds me of my bedroom.

    D- please for the love of god get a new camera.


  7. Amen, Melis. This is getting ridiculous. Don't worry, it's at the top of my Christmas list.