Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lil' Miss in DC!


Can't wait to hear about your trip! I've missed you so this week. I've had to pick out two outfits for Jeff's TWO office holiday parties without your consultation. Seriously, when are you coming home? Also, still dying over the pictures of your Momma. I know a lot of people say you look so much like your Dad, but you've got alotta Ann in you too. Gorge.

Sooooo, since you've been gone, I got to see Lil' Miss!!!!!!!!! Dukester and Sarge were in DC for the Patriots/Redskins game this past Sunday and while the boys were at the game, I got Court and Lil' Miss all to myself. I have to say, one of the best days of the last year. The ladies came over to our apartment where we played a bit. Went out for lunch and then to the Zoo to catch up with some friends (elephants and monkeys mostly). It was so fun just to hang with Dukester and Lil' Miss, with no agenda or anything. I didn't even have to share them!

Not suprisingly, Lil' Miss is still perfect and those cheeks are full of more sugar than ever. And of course Dukester continues to be the most amazing mother. I hope she'll organize some Mom workshops for us when we have kids. She's unbelievable at this stuff.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the day...

 Doesn't she look all grown up! She'll be in college soon!

Okay, okay, so this is how Lil' Miss took in most of the Zoo.

But she did wake up in time for the monkeys. Can you see the gorilla hand in the window? I kept wondering what Lil' Miss thought of this. Did she just think we were making her stare at an ugly old man? And check out those cheeks full o' sugar.

She loved the Christmas tree, and didn't mention that it was fake (she's so polite), but instead studied all of the ornaments and picked out her faves. The glittery gold ball seemed to win, she's so naturally fancy!

And then this happened. Lil' Miss chased Atty around the apartment and to be honest, they both seemed to like it. She just giggled the whole time, and Atty didn't exactly go into hiding, he kept coming back for more. Can you see the joy on my face? Lil' Miss and Atty in a photo together. Dying.

Atty was suprisingly receptive to Lil' Miss' kisses.

Welcome home, Blythe! We missed you! 

+ Lil' Miss + Dukester too!


  1. This melted my heart - too much adorableness to handle. Dukester, how do you handle this amount of precious all day every day?!? I concur, Blythe, hope you had the sun, but hurry home!

  2. SO. MUCH. FUN. Miss you already! xoxo

    Thanks, Lori. We think she's pretty cute, too!