Monday, December 5, 2011

December Blog Faves

Happy Monday Folks! We're happy this fine Monday to introduce a few new blogs we're reading this month...

1. Honey & Jam: Photographer's blog. She doesn't post often, but when she does it's beautiful! Blythe owns a print from her etsy shop.
2. The Concerns of Mindy Kaling: Actor from The Office. This blog is very funny but not in classical comedian or over the top way, in a, I-could-actually-be-friends-with-you-way. Blythe just purchased her book and plans to read it on her next vacation. 
3. Spoon Fork BaconThink The Beauty Department quality graphics, great recipes, and humor! Truly one of our new favorite blogs.
4. Scented Glossy Magazines: Self-described as the blog for the culturally bankrupt, this blogger follows just about every show that Deweese watches. Go ahead and judge, but this sh*t is funny.
5. Katy Elliott: Katy and her husband are completely renovating a 260-year-old house in Marblehead, MA. Of course it sounds insane, but it's really fun to watch and the before-and-afters are awesome.


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