Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas at the Quigley Ranch


I'm lovin' the photos of your Momma! What a beauty. Hope you're having a blast on the sailboat. I know you're enjoying the warm days, as it's officially December on the East Coast and downright chilly.

As you know, Jeff returned last Thursday from 10 days in Europe for work (Barcelona, Madrid, Florence and Paris = pooooor guy!). Because of the trip I feel like we got off to a bit of a late start on Christmas this year. Finally, Saturday night we stayed in and had our own little Christmas party, apartment style.

Below are the ingredients:

#1. First we turned on our fireplace dvd as you can see below. For background music, you can choose from jazz instrumentals, kid songs or just 'natural crackling fire'. Fab.
Holiday Fireplace DVD

#2. Then we lit this new candle I got for aromatic ambiance. This one tiny candle makes our entire apartment smell like a Christmas tree. Divine. It's appropriately called 'Frasier Fir' by Thymes.
Frasier Fir candle

#3. Then we mixed the drinks: Hot chocolate and bourbon. Duh.

#4. We put out our two holiday decorations...

#5. And decorated our 4-year-old fake tree from CVS.

Most of the ornaments are from the first Christmas that we lived together. We went to World Market and just got a random sampling of cheap ornaments. A flamingo, a rubber ducky, a gnome. You get the drift. I also snagged some handmade ornaments from my parents house. The balls you see below were made in the 70s by my crafty mother.

#6. And because all of this took approximately 10 minutes, we decided to put together this origami Christmas tree we got last year from my Mom.

Voila! It may seem dinky, but it's just our speed. I'm not really into seasonal decorating (I know, what a tragedy!), so a fireplace (fake or not), some bourbon and a little origami is really all I need.

Have you been holiday decorating around the apartment?



  1. I must have this DVD. Link please?

  2. It's soooo fun! http://www.amazon.com/Holiday-Fireplace-DVD/dp/B0015M08L8/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1323784068&sr=8-12