Monday, November 21, 2011


Jeff and I had a recent change of Thanksgiving plans. Unfortunately Jeff's Great Uncle Joe isn't doing too hot, so we decided to come up to Boston for Thanksgiving instead of Louisville. Jeff and I are working from his parents' dining room table today (which is really fun) and we decided to have lunch at Marky Mark's new burger joint which happens to be within walking distance from the dining room table. Lucky us! The burgers were delish!

And check out the cool light fixture!

Now if I just had some Old Bay popcorn for desert!



  1. ooh how was it?! I've been dying to try it. Was Marky Mark home for the holidays?

  2. It was really really good. And the onion rings are amazing. Marky wasn't home unfortch, but oddly enough he was on one of the jumbo tvs at the bar on the golf channel. So it was like he was there... kind of.