Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping Small


What a lovely evening! The photos of August from La Buena Vida are sick. What a dreamy atmosphere and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY! Thanks for the tip on the Eames documentary too, will have to add it to my queue! I can't wait to see all your apartment updates from this past weekend. Everything looked wonderful when Jeff and I stopped by for lunch on Friday.

Since Jeff and I were in the car most of the day Friday, I totally avoided all the Black Friday mania. I gotta say, I didn't miss it. I know I missed some mega sales, but I didn't miss the hysteria. And I wasn't even tempted by the 85 Cyber Monday! emails I received yesterday. SO unlike me, but it was just all so overwhelming! Maybe I'm losing my touch.

Admittedly, this ad made me think a little about the gifts I'd like to buy this season and I decided to challenge myself, and Jeff, to try to buy most of our Christmas gifts at local small businesses. No big box stores, no Amazon, nada. My goal is to stick strictly to local DC and Louisville shops and Etsy of course, the ultimate small business consortium. And if I do find something I want to purchase from a giant online retailer, I'll try to source it locally first.

What do you think? Is it doable?

For our DC readers, here's DCist's Local Holiday Shopping Guide: #1(Food) and #2 (Etsy). And don't forget two of my personal faves: Proper Topper and Good Wood.

And for our Louisville readers, stop by my two favorites: Louisville Stoneware and Scout!

Be sure to check out our Etsy faves from the past year on our Diggin' page for ideas!

Readers: What are some of your favorite small businesses for gifting?



  1. What a challenge! My Christmas list (yes I still have one at 29) had an entire Etsy section this year! For an update from NH, small store owners and staff all wore plaid on Friday in attempt change Black Friday to Plaid Friday and encourage people to buy local... clevah idea I thought, while also showing that NH isn't afraid to mock itself a bit with the plaid :)

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