Friday, November 11, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Paula's Place, the Mini-Series!

Happy Friday, Friends!

Next Phone-A-Friend comes from Paula, Melissa's a college roommate!  Here is her email to us:

Hey girls,
Thanks for offering to help! Melissa and I were Freshman year roomies - boy was that a LOOOONG time ago!  I love what you just came up with for her bedroom :)

We have a little guy in our home who is about to start crawling.. so... we can't have anything around that could easily tumble, or that he could be allergic too...

So... my questions are...

Master Bdrm:
What kind of shag rug can I put in my bedroom that has color and not an allergy mess? Can I add a pop of orange? In case the picture is hard to show, the walls are a grey seafoam (very calming!) and the bedding is grey. 

I would like to make the little den (with small leather sofa) an APR (All Purpose Room).. but, mostly for the lil one to play.. since we're always on the floor, I'm looking for floor pillows that are both kidsy, but sophisticated! love...

Dining Room:
As with a lot of NYC space, this room is shared with our living room. We often have lots of guests, so I need a big table.. i love the marble top we have, but need a different base so I can accommodate more seats (its an H and doesn't let chairs slide in). Was thinking of doing a bench for for the long side against the wall... 

Living Room:
Lastly, my couch must be replaced ASAP! We would like to accommodate as much seating as possible.. do we go for a single long sofa like 108" or a shorter one and some pod/bench seating.
Oh, and I would like to find a three piece wall art ... a crashing wave photo on canvas... OR, anything you think would be fab on the blue wall. 

We just moved into our home - an apartment in NYC! Its extremely bare - however, we do like a minimalistic look - but, in our new place - we are lacking textures and warmth. help!

Thanks again - any questions - Just ask!!!

To Paula we say: Let's break it down, whattya say? The idea of tackling three rooms is SUPAH exciting and for that, we'd love to turn this into a little mini-series of Phone-A-Friends. Today, we'll just tackle the master bedroom, but look out for follow-ups on the APR and the Living/Dining area soon. Everyone with us?  Let's get started!

For the bedroom, we think a comfy, colorful rug is the way to go! Great choice for your very calming bedroom and a perfect way to add warmth AND texture.  The only thing we know is that high pile rugs are bad for allergies in general, but that's where our allergy expertise ends, so we've included two lower pile options, too. Here are our ideas:

1. Ask and you shall receive. Here's a great orange shag. We feel the color is not so calming, but we know for a fact it'll add warmth and texture! We've noticed you have some really luxurious bedding, so we carried that through with the accessories here.
Rug, Top Pillow, Bottom Pillow
2. What about yellow? The combo of yellow and grey seems a little more soothing to us.  This one has a pattern but its more graphic (vs.ornate/floral) in nature so it fits in well with the modern look of the room:

Rug, Top pillow, Bottom Pillow

3. B+D's wild and craaazy idea! Not soothing, not shag, but man. The colors were too good to pass up!  We think the solids you've already got and/or simple prints could look great with this!

Rug, Top Pillow, Middle Pillow is sold out on Etsy, Bottom Pillow/creature!

Stayed tuned for more on Paula's place soon!


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