Monday, November 28, 2011

Night Out in NYC

Hi Deweese!

How are you? It was such a treat to see you, if only for a few hours over pizza on your way home from Mass.! So, I have some major apartment projects in the works to share with you, but while they are still "in progress", I thought I'd tell you about a fun little date night that Nick and I had last weekend. As you know, it was Nick's 30th bday and so last Saturday night we went out just the two of us. It had been forever since we had a date night, and it was really nice.

First we went to dinner at August, which I read about on one of our favorite blogs, La Buena Vida. (you gotta check out the photos from that post...beautiful!). The food was delicious (best risotto I've ever had), and the atmosphere was even better. I definitely recommend this restaurant for a nice date or a place to have a special evening of any sort!

Then we walked over to IFC to see a new documentary called Eames: The Architect and Painter:

As you can see here and more so here, Nick and I have a couple of Eames replicas in our home.  Nick is definitely the bigger Eames fan in our little family, so this was the perfect film for us to see on his birthday weekend.  I learned in the film that the Eames motto was “the best for the least for the most”. I thought this was interesting considering what the price of an Eames piece has become.   I thought the film was great, but there was so much to explore with this couple and I felt they breezed through a lot of things that I would have liked to learn more about. Sigh. Maybe I'm just a nerd!


PS: This is so awesome. So Awesome.


  1. B - that Kermie and Seth clip just made my day. Really.

  2. right?! so cute. i've watched an embarrassing amount of times!