Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Love Lamp

Hiya D and Meggie V!

Glad to hear that you are having fun in MA with the in-laws and our northern amigos.  I've been meaning to tell you that while I was with my in-laws last weekend, I scored these two beauties at my favorite Maryland thrift store:

Apparently it was 50% off lamps or something, so these came to a total of $18.00.

For the pair.

Oh la la!

However, Nick is not a fan of the lamps. I agree with my him to a certain extent, they are both in the danger zone of looking like they came within a package deal including two end tables and a couple of matching loveseats, eeeespecially the blue one. So we'll see. They need shades (maybe a DIY like this?) and a proper place in my apartment before their real judgement day. Stay tuned!


PS: The subject of this post is dedicated to this.

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