Friday, December 2, 2011

Grand Finale! Paula's Phone-A-Friend Mini-Series!

Happy Friday!

Drumroll please... now presenting our final installment of Paula's Phone-A-Friend Apartment Mini-Series! For those that are curious, check out our previous posts on her bedroom rug and her all-purpose room.

This post dives into the all-important living/dining area. Here's her note as a reminder:

Dining Room:
As with a lot of NYC space, this room is shared with our living room. We often have lots of guests, so I need a big table.. i love the marble top we have, but need a different base so I can accommodate more seats (its an H and doesn't let chairs slide in). Was thinking of doing a bench for for the long side against the wall...

Living Room:
Lastly, my couch must be replaced ASAP! We would like to accommodate as much seating as possible.. do we go for a single long sofa like 108" or a shorter one and some pod/bench seating.
Oh, and I would like to find a three piece wall art ... a crashing wave photo on canvas... OR, anything you think would be fab on the blue wall.

And here are the pics of her space:

So we are gonna break this down into dining table solutions, couch/seating area solutions and artwork solutions! Check it out:

1. Dining Table Solutions.  Paula, we totally get the whole H base problemo. What about a classic Saarinen style pedestal instead (we notice it matches your chairs to the right!)

We also think you should stick to standard chairs instead of a bench.  A bench is a cool way to mix it up, but if you are often have guests over for dinner, its nice to give everyone a seat and avoid the whole climbing in/climbing out situation.

2. Couch/Seating Area Solutions. We tend to think that a couch + other seating is a good bet. It's more modular, flexible, and better for conversation! Also, you can incorporate some more style. What about a combo like this:

couch, bench
The white sofa will stand out beautifully against the wall. Also, we think that bench could look great under the window!

3. Artwork solutions. First of all, we love the turquoise (shocking, right?)! Also, a triptych of art sounds cool. We suggest three coordinating prints printed HUGE and all framed the same way. That way, the grouping is totally your own! Here are some prints we found that you might like for inspiration. We like them for how minimal they are--the loads of white around each piece will let the design breathe next the bold paint.

left, center, right

Please be sure to fill us in on your decisions!!

Hey, hey readers: FYI we have some Phone-A-Friend updates coming soon. Our awesome Phone-A-Friend-ers have been hard at work and we can't wait to show you!

Would you like to Phone us? Just email with the deets! We'd love to hear all about it!



  1. I really love those prints. I like the charcoal against that peacock blue. Paula - I might have to steal that color from you!