Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For Sale: One Beautiful Home

Hi Deweese,

The baby shower looked adorable and Mama Anna looks incredible! So excited for her.

So D, I know this is probably going to make the rounds on the blogs today, but I just had to share. Did you see that J.Crew's Jenna Lyons is selling her home? It's a drop dead gorgeous townhouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn:
Basically the dream.
You know how I feel about seating nooks with comfy chairs in kitchens. Absolute favorite.

Does anyone else think that chandelier looks photoshopped in? Maybe it's me.

The architectural details in this house are outta dis world. Also, those floors in the bathroom.

Remember this...?

 All of the above pics are from Sotheby's, which provides a lot more information about the property, including some jaw dropping floor plans.  They are asking a cool 3.75 mil, which some New Yorkers say is "priced to sell". Wow.  

So D, do you recognize anything about that last photo of the bedroom? Being the Domino-obsessed person I am, I gasped when I saw it! So surreal to see another view of the room from one of my absolute favorite Domino covers and well, Domino rooms, ever:

I think I talked about that room for about a year straight.


PS: I decided to keep this post all about the interior design, which I think is so amazing it easily trumps the other stuff... but if you want to read about the other stuff, I just linked it! Guess I'm not that classy.

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