Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deweese hearts Kendall


I die for that house. Especially the bedroom. In fact... with that photo as long-term inspiration and this one from many months ago, I recently painted our living room (with the help of Jeff and my Dad) Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore. It's still not as dark as Jenna's, but it's pretty dark. I'm calling it 'light black' because I feel like it manages people's expectations a little. If I told you it was grey, when you walked in you would think "Damn, girl painted her living room black!", but if I tell you it's 'light black', you'll just think "Oh, silly Deweese, it's not black, it's totally grey". Semantics, I know.

I don't have any art up on the walls yet, but here are some snapshots of the room. I'm totally obsessed with the color and so glad we did it. I'm such a sucker for totally saturated walls and Kendall Charcoal is a big win in my book. Here are the "before" pictures for comparison.

Some notes about the color:
I think finding the right grey is really hard. They tend to go purple or green really quickly for me and I wanted a very flat grey. I had five other color swatches up on the wall (from light green to dark purple) when Jeff and I finally made a decision and I headed to the paint store. I ended up calling an audible at the store and chose a sixth color without telling Jeff (eeeeeek!). Also, Kendall Charcoal was still a little too dark, so I asked my friends at Ben Moore to cut the strength in half and I think we found the perfect color. I think it works in our living room because it's a huge room with tons o' light. Otherwise I think it would be a bit cave-like. And I have to say, the grey looks amazing with all the white trim and the coral wall color in the kitchen.

Yay Grey! You gotta come see it!

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  1. I LOOOOOVE the color -- its like BAM huge apartment update. I love it so much, I think I'm gonna steal it for a project I got up my sleeve. Anything to not pick out a gray paint color!! Congrats, D. xo