Monday, November 14, 2011

Being Elmo


It was so awesome to see you yesterday! Did you have an awesome rest of the weekend with Nick's family?

I forgot to tell you yesterday that Jeff and I saw Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey on Saturday night. It's a documentary about the man behind Elmo. Kevin Clash grew up in Baltimore and has known since he was a kid that he wanted to be a puppeteer. The movie was funny and fascinating and makes me love puppets even more. It also explains Elmo's popularity and why he's been such a hit.  I'm so excited to see the Muppet movie with my family over Thanksgiving!


Also, since I've been out of the Sesame Street realm for a while, I've never met Baby Natasha before. We got a glimpse of her in the movie, and then I looked her up later. Kevin Clash is the muppeteer behind Natasha as well. Hysterical.

I typically hate all cartoon movies etc (I know, I suck) but for some reason LOVE the Muppets. Weird.

Go see this movie,

PS.... You gotta watch this video too. Elmo being interviewed at Sundance. So funny.

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