Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Ames!


Love your fall stand-bys. I haven't really thought twice about fall clothes since my last Anthropologie scores. I basically wear those items all week every week. Also, I love it when wedges are "in", they are SO much more comfortable!

This weekend Jeff and I were in Louisville for a family weekend and to attend a baby shower for my cousin Anna. Of the 13 cousins on my Dad's side, most of us are matched up in pairs by age. Anna's my match and one of my favorite people on earth. She's due on December 25th with her first baby!

The shower was hosted by my Mom and my aunts and held at my parents house. Per your terrific suggestion we threw a "Library Shower" and stole lots of ideas from Martha. I mean, why reinvent the wheel.

I used the Martha templates and made some adjustments in photoshop. This is what we sent out...

It was like a "Stock the Bar" party, but with books! And I think there were only 2 duplicate books at a shower of 23 people. Not too bad!

Here are some pictures. Obvi we did the Martha pom poms too. My favorite decoration. So cheap and easy and gorgeous!

Cute bird mobile from Paper-Source.
We used name tags for the "game" and this  stamp.
My Mom and Sister-in-Law
The Mama!
We have the best aunts in the world, who really know how to throw a party and I have to thank Emily (my bestie in the corner up there) and my Sister-in-Law Yongmi for helping with all the decorations. They are some crafty b*tches if you know what I mean.


PS... Jeff and I somehow both got called for jury duty on the same day (yesterday). We also somehow BOTH got selected to serve on trials. So we're off to court today for our 10:30 am trials. So wild.

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  1. Love it, D! So cute. Tell us more about the game... I don't think I recognize it?