Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Runnin' (Part Two)

Hi Deweese,

How was your weekend? I still can't get over your curtains. They look so great! I am so impressed.

So this past weekend Nick and I traveled up to New Hampshire along with Nick's family for a trip to visit my side of the family.  That's right, all 11 of us together for a whole weekend! It was Nick's family's first trip to New Hampshire, so it was really fun to re-discover my home state with them.  As per usual, I am still unpacking and uploading, but photos to come!

In the meantime, I thought I'd blog about exercising.  I am a regular runner, and I believe in a lifetime commitment to working out. HOWEVER, lately my motivation is at an all time low.  So I need inspiration.  Big time. Also, I have been thinking about starting to seriously take up yoga (I've really only done it a handful of times).  If I can get into it, I think it could be the best balance for my running. 

So I decided that gathering my latest quasi-motivations and sharing them here will hopefully help me get movin'!  Completely self-serving but hopefully it will help! Here they are:

1. My brother-in-law told Nick about websites like jog.fm, that come up with playlist suggestions based on your pace.  Super cool! I am going to try it out this week.

2.  I'm usually an asics person, but I saw a woman wearing these (I think) on the street yesterday:  

So. Awesome. And they are in your wedding colors! Hmm, maybe some cute new running clothes could help.  I love these in a similar color scheme.

3. This commercial cracks me and Nick up:

My dad is a member of Planet Fitness and over the weekend picked up free bumper stickers there that say "I lift things up and I put them down" and gave them to us.  Already on the fridge.

4. Does anyone use workouts found on Pinterest, like this? To be honest, I find them cheesy for some reason, but if there was a good one out there I'd love to know!

5. I am looking for some good fitness blogs but have yet to find one that I want to visit again and again.  During a recent search I came up with FitSugar. Meh. We'll see how it goes.

That's all I got right now. D, do you (or anyone else) have any tips for getting started in yoga? How about anyone else with running? I'd love to know your latest favorite tunes, etc!


PS: I should also add that I am running in a road race next month, which is really the best motivation for me (impending public displays of fitness levels, that is).  So I am sure that's what got me started with this post in the first place!


  1. dailymile.com! it's a great way to log your miles, and you can be "friends" with other runners to help keep each other motivated.

    good luck with your race!

  2. Oh cool! This looks great! I am signing up right now -- look out for a friend request, soon! :)

    PS: Thanks for reading the blog, Tracey!

  3. Buying new running clothes totally motivates me! And races are an awesome motivator as well - it's fun to set new distance and time goals! NY has so many fun races.

    I wish I could get into yoga but it stresses me out for some reason - i spend half the class thinking I'm not getting a good workout and the other half thinking about how I'm going to have time to get to the gym after class. Kind of not the point, right?

  4. Lucy,

    I am so with on the new clothes and races. I've only done a couple in NYC, but one was through Central Park and was so fun!

    Also, I totally get what you mean about yoga. I always felt like if I was going to workout for a whole hour, I better be losing some weight/toning/something! BUT lately I feel like my flexibility is rapidly declining! (I realize that makes me sound 80+, but its true!)