Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet the New Hampshire-ites

Hi Deweese, 

How was your weekend? Mine flew by way too quickly! I need more crisp air, long dinners with friends and SNL. Simply not enough.

Oh well.  As promised, here are some pics from my recent family trip. You might remember that Nick's family visited New Hampshire for the very first time and stayed with my family! We forgot our camera on the bench right inside our front door (grrrr), but thankfully our brother-in-law, Scott, and sister-in-law, Laura, happen to be a GREAT photographers. Phew! All of the following beautiful pics are by them (thanks, Laura and Scott! You saved the day!): 

How lucky am I to have these photogs in my family??

Here's a few more more from Nick's trusty iphone: 



  1. Wow i can't believe how big jimmy is. Time Flies. And it looks like Nicky Boy is having some trouble with that pumpkin. Nick no heavy lifting in NYC??? haha

    much love,
    Pat from the 401

  2. So grown up, right? I know -- pic of nick is hilarious! To his credit, those pumpkins were huge. Nothing like what we see in NYC!

  3. Aww Katie! Back in NH this weekend?! I was in Portsmouth on Saturday... we just might have passed on Market Street! My parents live up there now; right on the edge of Prescott Park. It is so fun to go visit... but your photos of Mack's make me miss L'town! Miss you Katie G!
    <3 Bethany :)

  4. Bethany! I did not know your parents live there now! How nice! It is a dreamland to me -- so pretty. Yes, you gotta get to Mack's. It's so beautiful right now!

    Miss you too, Bets! Its been too long.