Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Love your netflix picks! Jeff and I haven't been streaming too much lately because our xbox kicked it and it was our avenue for streaming. I think we'll need to switch to streaming only too, as evidenced by our two month old yoga dvd that has been watched once!

Have you been watching Prohibition on PBS? It's Ken Burns and terrific. I prefer to watch while enjoying a Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale.

I wanted to introduce you to a new pinterest board I started. It's called Coralberry because that's the name of the street where my parents just bought a house! That's right, they're moving from my childhood home (sniff sniff) into a gorgeous new home. Don't worry, it's only about a quarter mile from their current home. AND this means DECORATING!

My mother is convinced that they will decorate it like their current home, but I think I can persuade her to change some things up.

We haven't talked too much about what kind of look they are going for, so my pins are a little random, more of what I think they should do. Teeheehee.

Check it out!

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