Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi D,

Good advice! You and a lot of people have recommended a beginner's yoga class to me, so I am gonna research that. Also, that blog is so cute. Normally, another blog would have kinda stressed me out, considering I read so many each day! But I gotta tell you about this new blog reader I found called Blog Lovin' that is making my life so much easier. I realize that last sentence sounded like an infomercial, but its true! (aka, hey friend or colleague, let me tell you about this fabulous new product for the low low price of $19.99!!)

So, let me be clear: I promise that this blog post is in no way sponsored by Blog Lovin' and they are doing absolutely nothing for me in exchange for this post!

I tried google reader but I am a very visual person and I really like to see the blog posts within the blog they were designed for. I get a better feel for the bloggers asthetic and pace by visiting the blog itself.  It also really helps me remember where I read something. Call me crazy, but I was actually forgetting which blog was I reading on google reader from time to time.

So it works like dis: You sign up for Blog Lovin' and follow a bunch of the blogs you like to read. From there, everytime you log on, there is a list of all the unread posts on the blogs you follow. Once you click on a post, it directs you to the actual blog itself, which is what I like best. Here is a snapshot of what mine looked like this morning:

And zee best part? Blog Lovin' has tons and tons of blogs available to follow...all the big timers, and even lil' guys like this blog you're reading right now! Whoo to the hoo! Check us out RIGHT HERE. It feels great to follow our blog and have it pop up in line with all my faves.

For those already on Blog Lovin', please be sure to follow us, It would make my day/year. For those interested in joining, why not sign up and use 75th + Sedgwick as your first blog to follow? It never hurts to try something new via something familiar:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ok, that's all I got on Blog Lovin'.

Lovin' YOU!

PS: I'm seeing the Indigo Girls tonight!  Reminds me of mix tapes and summertime car trips with my hometown friends. I really hope they play The Wood Song (pardon the cheesy video, just listen!)

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  1. this is my dream - a tool that let's me organize my procrastinating!