Monday, October 31, 2011

A Snowy Halloween!

 via Etsy

Happy Halloween, Deweese! 

How was your weekend?

Despite the snow (?!), Nick and I went to a very festive Halloween party at Melissa's.  I went as Shaun White and Nick went as Billy Corgan!

So, it might be lame to talk about weather on a blog, but not when it snows like craaaazy on October 29th, right? As a kid growing up in NH, I remember wearing my snowsuit for warmth under my Halloween costume, but I definitely don't remember snowfall. Today on Halloween in NH, almost the entire southern part of the state is still without power!

Here in NYC, the snowflakes were huge and beautiful. So beautiful that Nick filmed a video of them falling outside our window.  Take a look, I love it:

I love how quieting the snow is.

Also, in other Nick news, his year+ long project with PBS, Fabric of the Cosmos, airs THIS Wednesday.  Everyone, please check it out! Seriously...just TiVo it, DVR it, or even watch it the old fashioned (remember PBS = no commericials!).  I am so excited and proud of him!

With love and candy corn,

PS: "Just in case" we have trick-or-treaters, Nick and I bought a huge bag of mini-snickers for tonight. Uh-huh. Guess who is going to be indulging in that!

PPS: Happy Birthday Day to our many Halloween-y Birthday Friends! You know who you are and we love you!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Kristin's Bathroom Blues


Happy Friday, and Happy Phone-A-Friend!

Our friend Kristin recently asked us for help with her very blue bathroom. Here's her email to us:

Hi Deweese and Blythe,

In lieu of working on my paper that is due tomorrow, I'm emailing the both of you to get decorating advice!
Dillon and I have been in our place for a year now and just re-signed our lease. We made a ton of home improvements right when we moved in last year, despite it being a rental, because we planned on being here for a while.

We're glad we did all those projects up front so we could enjoy the space right away, but one room that has eluded us all along is the bathroom. We're just not sure where to begin and that is because we've been cursed with a bathroom of blue, and by blue I mean: blue wall tiles, blue floor tiles, blue tub, blue sink, and blue toilet. Let it be known that none of these blues necessarily match.

As of now we've made no improvements to the bathroom. We're currently using a shower curtain from a previous apartment that Dillon hates and that doesn't necessarily go with the bathroom or add anything to the space.

We've had lots of different ideas, but none of them have really stuck. If I had a dollar for every time I've googled 'blue tiled bathroom' I'd be rich! Any specific product recommendations or color scheme suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Can you help?


To Kristin we say: HOLY BLUE BATHROOM BATMAN! Unfortunately, this bathroom is pretty typical. Who hasn't lived with pink/grey tiles of the same generation. Yellow and brown? Avocado? What were they thinking!

Well, here's what we're thinking: Let's start with a cool new shower curtain, because the rest of the decor can be easily filled in from there. Instead of trying to work with the blue and match what is already un-matched... let's kick it up a notch and make the shower curtain the center piece. This one from Bloomingdales caught our eye and led us to some more (and cheaper) ideas. This way, when people walk into your bathroom, the blue will just play a supporting role, to your giant elephant or the like. We leaned towards floral (Dillon, are you game?) because it breaks up the geometric nature of all the different tiles. If you add more small print, it might get a little dizzy.

Sourcing: 1, 2, 3, 4

Then, you can pull a coordinating color from the shower curtain pattern, almost anything really, for the wall color, or just leave it white/neutral. 

Instead of the three small frames on the wall opposite the sink, we recommend added a larger print or piece of art to really fill that space, and again distract your eye from the blue.

Love your idea for the Perpetual Blooms Towels from Anthro. And Blythe found these gorgeous bath accessories from Jonathan Adler that are divine! We love the stark white with some texture to keep it interesting.

Regardless of what you decide, Kristin... keep us posted! We'd love to see the transformation!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hola Deweese!

That oyster place sounds like fun! DC has so many cool new places! I really can't believe how much has moved in since I left just three short years ago. I also feel you 100% on the debate between the ease of neighborhood eats vs. the excitement of a new place and a new neighborhood. This place is next on our list of adventures. Check out that rooftop!

So I thought I'd share our latest find for lil' miss with our readers!  When looking for a gift for her first birthday, the guru that is Melissa directed me straight to a shop called Obaibi. The minute I got there I let out a sigh of relief. This place has unique and adorable things, but is moderately priced compared to the usual outrageous-ness that is NYC. Perfect for a gift-y kind of outfit.  Check out the casual little outfit we scored for her New England fall days:
Sweater, Pants

Bonus: You can shop online!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace


Thank sweet baby Jesus you found a rug! I know you guys have been wanting one for that space forever. It looks great and I love the colors!  I was however picturing something that ran the width of the room. What's the plan for the desk area? Will you be rugging there too? It's all really coming together! I was so impressed this weekend with how much you guys have done! Not sure I understand this Wacom Tablet thing, but I like it. Look forward to seeing it in action.

Jeff and I have been stuck in a bit of a restaurant rut lately. Like a lot of people, when we go out to eat, we typically just stay in our neighborhood and go somewhere within walking distance. I love living near so many great and varied restaurants, but it can be a bit of a curse as far as trying new places in town.

On Monday, Natalie, who along with her husband Wes are two of our favorite people, was in town and treated me and Jeff to a lovely meal. When asked where we wanted to go, Jeff and I both replied "Get us out of Cleveland Park!" We ended up at a new place on 14th Street (we're so hip) called Pearl Dive Oyster Palace. I always prefer to eat in palaces, so this seemed like it would be a good fit.


The ole' PDOP did not disappoint. The ambiance was awesome (if a little loud, I'm like an old lady) and the food was terrific. I tried Oysters Rockefeller and didn't love it. I want to like oysters, I think they're so chic. I also want to like martinis and be good at pool. But alas, I'm just not that girl. Jeff loved his crawfish etouffee (so fancy), my shrimp gumbo was delish and Natalie had the redfish on grits which was amazing! We also ordered the non-sanctioned derby pie which was perfect!

The Dog's Breakfast
I think we'll definitely be back and maybe Jeff and I can finally add a non-CP restaurant into our rotation!


PS... Here's the Washington Post review... because let's be honest. What do I know.

PPS... I liked the bathroom decor so much, I went back with my camera to take a picture! Turns out I am THAT girl!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ooh yeah.

Hi Deweese,

Such a great weekend with everyone. I miss you already! So remember on Saturday night when we talked about my living room for a good 2 hours? Well we must have sent out some cosmic vibes into the thrifting universe. Because yesterday, after many, many, months of searching, I found a rug for under the lounger:

Woo-hoo! We got it at Housing Works. The ABC Carpet ticket was still on (good sign!) and says it retailed for $249.00.  Housing Works wanted $40.00.  I used a $20.00-for-$40.00 Groupon I purchased way back when. So yes, this rug is just shy of 4x6 and was $20.00.

We laid the rug down very briefly for this little photo shoot, but now its all rolled up and waiting for us to take it to get professionally cleaned. Housing Works is great, but NYC street feet walking all over it are not! Not to mention who could have had this before us!

On to less squeamish matters...we wanted something old looking, with a nice pattern and colors that related to the room. We have been looking and looking and honestly getting pretty frustrated with how expensive rugs can be. So this is a total score for us.  To some, it might look a little small for the space but I am loving how it defines that little corner while still showing off a lot of floor and giving the room space to breathe.

Also, Nick has taught me how to use the Wacom Tablet and um, I'm obsessed. So I thought I'd use it to show everyone what we have planned to finish off the space. Oh-la-la.

Btw, get ready for a lot more (and hopefully more beautiful) doodling.  And on a related note, check out this dorm room decorated with black tape. It is AWESOME.

Just cause it feels good, here's the list.  Moving our way through little by little:
  • Purchase bookshelf for next to the "Eames" Lounger (something low and not too big...).
  • Hang art over the couch (we're thinking huge Ribba frames framing blown up photography, like this). We've got some great shots for this from our Florida trip!
  • Hang art around the desk (maybe a gallery wall?).
    Purchase rug for under the "Eames" lounger (I gotta figure out proportion on this one, but overall  thinking patterned, like this) .
  • Plants. The room is beggin' for them. I need help, though! How do I keep house plants alive?!
  • Curtains. I just ordered these. Now that my friend, is a good deal on curtains. Still working on the curtain rod, though.
  • Blinds. I want to switch out those lovely apartment standards for something warmer and more polished.
  • Artwork hung on either side of window (at least). I need the aforementioned curtains hung first to see what kind of wall space I'm workin' with.
  • Purchase a new coffee table (we reeeeally don't like the clunky chunky trunk anymore, but aren't sure what's next).
  • Purchase small end table next to the couch.  If we have end tables on either side of the couch, maybe we don't need a coffee table at all!*Decided to veto this -- furniture overload.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Lil' Miss!


We can’t believe it’s been a year since we got your "Thundercats are go!" text, alterting us that you and Sarge were on your way to the hospital to deliver Lil’ Miss. We definitely couldn’t believe it was only three hours later when you announced her arrival. Those were some speeeedy Thundercats!

What a year it’s been! We’ll never forget the first time we got to meet Lil’ Miss  last December, how snuggly and sweet she was. And her baptism this past April, she was a vision in white!  And it was so special for both of us and Nick and Jeff to share in the first birthday festivities this weekend at your parents' home. It was the perfect family party for a perfect lil’ lady.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Brinie's Sofa

Happy Friday, Readers!

This Friday brings us another installment of Phone-A-Friend! Blythe's friend of over 15 years, Brinie, wrote to us with a question about her sofa situation (warning: this is a lengthy read, but it is worth it! very funny!):

Blythe and Deweese!

So I'm here in Boston, on a gross, rainy, Friday afternoon--just checked out 75th and Sedg, a daily routine for me.  Loving it, as usual.  Now, Blythe knows I've been tinkering with this question a bit lately, so I figured I'd finally bite the bullet and ask for your professional opinion(s).  You guys have seen our one-bedroom apartment, and that means you also saw the craptastic furniture we have in it.  The curmudgeonly New Englander in me has a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude towards furniture.  Skis, hiking gear, outerwear--that is a different story.  But I don't really give a damn about furniture.  Which leads me to our ridiculous, and I mean, RIDICULOUS, "couch" situation (I use quotes, because it is really a love seat).  When we moved in (THREE years ago), we basically just took stuff from my parents' house.   A lot of it is actually nice, like our hutch, desk and oriental rug.  But the love seat had been around the block, and was living in my parents' basement, not being used--it was not a pretty thing, but it was a free thing, so we took it (*note, the couch originated with some family friends of ours, so it didn't even start out as my parents' couch).  I had every intention of replacing it with a real couch (I was thinking Pottery Barn, perhaps) upon my first pay check, but then I realized there was other stuff I should spend my money on, and couches are expensive (damn!).  As the months went by, we got used to our ugly little love seat, and found that it fit right in with our mishmash of other stuff, and our spartan walls (no pictures/paintings went up until after year one of living there).

Then one day, I noticed it tilting--like, hardcore, tilting to the right.  So I sat on it to try to shove it straight, and the whole thing collapsed to the ground!  Yes, the 6 inch little legs on the love seat busted right out of the wood frame.  My brother-in-law is an engineer, and he took a look at it, declaring it was un-fixable because we had actually busted the wood base, not just the little legs.  SO--the legs came off, and the love seat now sits right on the ground, making it appear like it is intended for very short people (which, as you know, we are not).   In addition to the height issue, little Helen (our elderly cat) decided that the arms of the love seat needed some attention from her, and she scratched the hell out of them--stuffing started coming out, you know the deal--it was a bad situation.  After continued hemming and hawing, I decided that instead of getting a new couch, I would just get a new COVER.  With a wedding present/gift certificate from Pottery Barn, I bought a cute port stripe slip cover and threw it on.  I thought it spiced up the apartment quite a bit, and with our wall covered in legit-framed photos and prints, and new book shelf, we were cooking with gas!

Then along came Helen, again… as soon as we put that slip cover on, she was sinking her geriatric little claws right into it.  So, the slip cover arms are now covered in claw marks (and tinfoil, in an attempt to stop the clawing), so we're sorta back to square one with the looks of our love seat.  Which brings me, finally, to my question.  We are likely in our last year in our beloved one bedroom (our 4th year here--can't believe it!), so I wonder--between potentially moving in 10 months, and our clawing little cat, do we even bother getting a new couch? Or do we figure we've lived with our sad Lilliputian love seat for 3+ years, might as well hold out until we finally move?  Thanks in advance-- you guys are the best!

Love always, your furniture impaired friend,

PS:  And I have a follow up Q--I had long dreamed of getting a pull out couch, but I know they are insanely heavy, and I'm not sure if it's worth getting one now, esp since we just got a new air mattress that is more comfortable than our bed (ugh, our bed--that is a whole 'nother can of worms!).

And here is a pic... (Brinie, thank you so much for sharing this. Woah.)

To Brinie we say: We are impressed that you and your husband have lived with this love seat for three years. That is something truly impressive in terms of mental patience.  But, dearest Brinie, it is time to move on.

1. To buy before or after a move.  BUY NOW.  Here's why: you have a very set style and are not too particular about furniture, so we are sure that something you buy now will work in your next place. Others might disagree, but we think its worth it. Also, Blythe can speak from experience that moving is expensive and moving into an empty/couch-less apartment can be very frustrating because moving funds diminish furniture funds. Buy it now and enjoy it the first night in your next place!

2. To sleeper or not to sleeper.  We say no sleeper.  They are more expensive, heavy/difficult for your walkup, and lastly you already have a great air mattress! Your sofa will be cheaper and more comfortable as a result!

Now, on to our suggestions.  Disclaimer: After knowing Brinie for so long, Blythe can bet that a classic khaki Pottery Barn sofa will appeal to her taste. But it is really easy to just go online to PB and look for a sofa.  So these suggestions are simply to do some thinking outside the box a have a little fun.  Enjoy!

1. Cool Comfort. All about being comfy without sacrificing style.

 2. Updated Upscale. We think this sofa beautifully blends both traditional and modern lines.

3. Malleable Modern (we hope you are enjoying these almost alliterations). This modern shape is easy to find. We think it could be used within TONS of different styles of decor.

You gotta keep us updated on this girl. Oh, and "HI HELEN"!!!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Birthday Scrap Book


Those chairs are sick. I'm so impressed that you guys changed the seating all by yourself. Reupholstering scares me! Jeff's Mom is currently recovering her dining room chairs, too! Similar situation, I think she got the fabric for less than $3/yard. Insane. Can't wait to see them in person this weekend when we're in town for Lil' Miss's FIRST BIRTHDAY!

How is it even possible that Lil' Miss is turning ONE? I'm super excited for the party and can't wait to get my hands on that lil' bundle of love.

As you know, Court asked me to help out by putting together a little "birthday scrap book" where they can record birthday party memories for years to come. I think it's a great idea to have one place where you can keep a few memories of each birthday party. I wish I had something like that from my childhood! I don't have a lot of experience scrap booking, but you know I'm always up for a crafting challenge.

I headed to Paper*Source in Georgetown (Louisville folks: A Paper*Source is opening on Lexington Road Halloween weekend, next to Lotsa Pasta. Check it out, it will change your life!) and collected some fun paper and bits to decorate. Man, I could spend all day in that store. It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I finally called it a day and came away with a Large Kolo Newport Photo Album and all the accoutrement's to make it fun.

Even though they are 3D and might get smooshed on a bookshelf one day, I couldn't pass up the little stick-on mums for the front.  I wasn't sure what to do with the front page, so I added a big two-toned "a" and thought we could always add to it later. Inside, for the two "First Birthday" pages, I kept the left side mostly blank so Dukester can add photos of the party, and then stuck the invitation on the right page with room for guests to write messages and sign their names. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, I just hope Lil' Miss likes it!

See you soooooon!

PS... A new and better camera is already on my Christmas list, so hopefully one day soon I won't be torturing you with these horrible photos!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Not to Chair: A Chair Makeover

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for all of your kind words yesterday and for filling out our survey.  It has been one of the most fun and creative years of my life.  Oh, what's that? You missed the whole survey thing? Well, here ya go! Just click here. And thank you!

Now back to business. Ever since I posted this Photo of the Day I've been working on a post about our recent thrifty score and DIY.  So here we go:

Lori emailed me a pic of some chairs with the message "Hey do you like these? I am at an auction, and looks like something you'd like".  Before I saw it and could respond there was another email: "Hey, I bought you those chairs, no worries if you hate them, we can just craigslist them".

What? I liked them a lot and saw potential, but wait. Do I need 4 new chairs and will they fit into my apartment? YIKES.  But then I read the fine print.

She paid $10.00.

For all of them. Not. Each.

So she brought them to me a few weeks later when she took a road trip to NYC. Here they are in our apt:

Two with arms two without. What to do next.  They didn't work with our kitchen table, but we DID want a new desk chair.  Hmmm.  But really, those worn and stained seat covers have got to go.  Buy fabric? Hmm, we guess. But we don't even know what room these are for. All the sudden Nick quietly suggests: What about the old IKEA duvet stuffed in the closet? Could that work?

Yes, Nick, yes.

Check it out: 

And here are some pics of our process, which was supah dupah easy. 

We did all four of them b/c hey, we like them! One is our new desk chair (we liked the old one, but it was in desperate need of repairs, and the height of it really cluttered the space visually):

The other one without arms is just outside my closet to catch the clothes that I toss in that general direction.  The other two with arms are currently pushed up against that same wall in the "after" picture. I think they are great for extra seating during gatherings.

Lori would not let us pay her back the $10 for the them. Sigh. LORI! So here is the breakdown of the costs, Young House Love style:

Chairs: $0 (LOR-EEE!)
Duvet Fabric $0 (already purchased and used as a duvet = free in my book)
Staple Gun: $0. Already owned. Psst: I HIGHLY recommend everyone buying one who cant sew.
Cleaning/refinishing supplies: $0, since we already owned them.
Thank you gift to Lori: $2.00.  See below:
Ya see,  Lori loves gum.  And her favorite color is purple. Enter a field trip to the famous Economy Candy and BOOM.

Grand Total: $2.00.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

365 Days of Bloggin'!

Whoop! Whoop! October 18th is the one year anniversary of our first 75th+Sedgwick post. A year ago today, Deweese wrote to Blythe about the ikat exhibit at the Textile Museum. We didn't officially launch the blog until March of this year, but we started posting many months before to get the feel for it and make sure we wanted to really commit. We wanted to see if we could really post five days a week, we ironed out lots of the kinks we ran into and we slowly built and designed what you know today as 75th+Sedgwick.

In celebration, we thought we'd share some of our favorite posts with you from the past 12 months. Drum roll please...

1. Baptism Photography... Finally!
2. Bloggin'
3. And then I quit my job 
4. First Ever Phone-A-Friend
5. Seeing the Day in Color

And for a little fun and info gathering for us, we'd love it if you could help us out by answering this short survey. We want to know more about YOU and what you like/dislike about 75th+Sedgwick.

Most importantly today we would like to thank you, our readers, for well, reading the blog. You have all been so supportive of this endeavor and given us lots of terrific feedback. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, passing the blog along to your friends and checking in regularly to see what's going on at the intersection of 75th+Sedgwick.

Thank you to our husbands for being patient when we're on the phone at 2am talking about html and thank you to Dukester for letting us shamelessly post photos of Lil' Miss all over this blog, because she's perfection in baby form.

Lots of love,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet the New Hampshire-ites

Hi Deweese, 

How was your weekend? Mine flew by way too quickly! I need more crisp air, long dinners with friends and SNL. Simply not enough.

Oh well.  As promised, here are some pics from my recent family trip. You might remember that Nick's family visited New Hampshire for the very first time and stayed with my family! We forgot our camera on the bench right inside our front door (grrrr), but thankfully our brother-in-law, Scott, and sister-in-law, Laura, happen to be a GREAT photographers. Phew! All of the following beautiful pics are by them (thanks, Laura and Scott! You saved the day!): 

How lucky am I to have these photogs in my family??

Here's a few more more from Nick's trusty iphone: 


Friday, October 14, 2011

Phone-A-Friend: Itty Bitty's Office

Happy Friday! And welcome to the latest installment of our Phone-A-Friend series. Today were working on Itty Bitty's office.  Itty Bitty just got a new job and it came with an office... and a window. Lucky girl in our book! Did we mention it's huge? 

Oh, who's Itty Bitty? Right. The Itsy Bitsy is Deweese's "Little Sister" from our college sorority days. The nickname stuck and Itty Bitty and Deweese have been tight since! Blythe and Itty moved to NYC around the same time, and now they're tight too! And in case you're wondering, her real name is Jessica, but that's neither here nor there.

Here's Itty Bitty's note to us:

Hi ladies!

So, as you may know, last week I started a new job as the Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions for the grad school that I attended.  Even though space is tight, I got prime real estate with a huge office on the coveted fourth floor!  It's huge, with lots of wall space, a big window and lots of light.  I want it to be a warm welcoming atmosphere for students and potential students, to look young and reflect me, but I'm also conscious of it not looking TOO different from the offices of the "more senior" faculty and staff, which mostly are just lined with books. Here are some of my thoughts and things I'm wondering about...

1. I'm planning to move the desk to the back corner by the window, computer facing the wall, so the desk isn't between me and people who come in. I'll also be getting a bookshelf (maybe getting rid of a filing cabinet), and I'll hang my diplomas once I get them framed. 

2. We can't paint the walls but I have a bunch of colorful art and some personal photos (already framed in fun red frames, but obviously that can be changed) that I can bring in. How much should I limit the colors, and/or how much should be coordinated within the room? (I'm looking at the intense reddish-orange colored chairs as I ask that...)

3. Should I get a plant? Or something else to warm up my desk or the table in the room?

4. What should I do with the window area - does it need some sort of curtain or valance?

I'm really open to anything.  What's most important is that I want it to all come together well - not to be too cluttered or young looking, but not stuffy and boring either. But since it's a blank slate and I'm allowed to do almost anything, I figured I'd ask you both to weigh in before I get started! 

Thanks in advance,

P.S... My boss also just mentioned that if i wanted to get a couch for the office I could do so (she suggested craigslist... not sure what the top end of the budget really is, but i probably wouldn't want to spend more than $300... i also suffer from constantly being drawn to neutral colors while also feeling like they are boring.

And here's the office:

To Itty Bitty we say: Right on sistah! Congrats on the new job and the terrific office! After earning two Masters degrees, we'd say you've earned it!

Here's what we're thinking for your new space: You should embrace the orange chairs instead of trying to fight them. Check out this cool Marimekko fabric pillow from C+B. It's youthful, but vintage and very crisp. We think it says "I've got my shit together AND I'm fun, so bring it." Maybe pop one of these babies on the chairs or add to a sofa.

We love this jade green rug, also from C+B to tie in the green from the fabric and define your space a bit more. 

Let's talk sofas... you can spend hours of your life looking for inexpensive sofas on craigslist (we have), OR you could spend a few extra bucks and hit up Ikea for the Karlstad Loveseat. It's $379 in white, which is gorgeous, but depending on your budget, we love the dark gray too ($479) and it might hold up better to wear and tear.

We agree that the big window could use a little adornment, but you don't want to go over-the-top with something that screams "OBSESSIVE", more a casual: "Welcome!" How about some bamboo roll up blinds like these or these? You can find some inexpensive versions and we think they'll go a long way to warming up the space.

For lighting, maybe add a cool table lamp like this one from West Elm to avoid the omni-present fluorescent office over-head lights. Warm lighting is oh so inviting.

We think hanging your diplomas and artwork is a terrific idea. Try a gallery wall of the framed diplomas AND the art. Sometimes hanging just diplomas on a bare wall (and you have a lot) can seem a little "Office Space", but mixing them up with other art and personal things can give it the "collected" style we're always talking about.

And we totes recommend getting rid of one of the file cabinets (maybe the one on the long wall). Cause, girl if you need both of those, you also need an assistant to keep all those files in order. A bookcase would be a great addition!

Now to the accessories! Look for some cool pen/pencil holders that are similar but not exactly the same for a fun and collected look. We have a love/hate relationship with people who have candy in their offices. And we only hate them until we need another sugar fix. Nothing says "Come on in!" like a colorful jar of candy. And as Deweese is always preachin': PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS! Bring some life into your office with some greenery. Try to avoid typical office plants, maybe go for a spider plant? This is Deweese's favorite office plant, because they sprout little baby spider plants that you can give to your friends and co-workers. Deweese also loves a nice jade plant.

Itsy, we hope you like what we pulled together. Definitely keep us posted with how your new space progresses! And congrats, again!