Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suspenseful Snorkel Surprise

Hello Deweese!

Hmm that bag is purdy. I am a bargain girl myself, but aren't we always telling ourselves to save and buy what we really want rather than 10 things at H&M that we kinda want? Also, I feel brightly colored bags can actually be surprisingly versatile. Anyway, please keep us all posted!

So did I keep you and Dukester on the edge of your seat long enough with my big snorkel teaser? I know a snorkel purchase could mean many things, such as:

1. I've taken thrift shopping to a new level and started jumping into the Hudson River to see what discarded home goods I can find...?

2. I finally decided to embrace the rainy weather...?

3. Geek chic eye wear has reached new heights here in NYC and I've become a slave to any trend...?

4. Or, maybe I'm going on a tropical vacation...?

If you guessed number 4 you win a gold star and a kiss on the cheek the next time I see you.  D, I am PSYCHED.  My family has decided to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday by renting a sail boat for a week this December in the British Virgin Islands! Oh, OK, sure, I guess I can make this trip. HELLO:
Photograph by Collin R Erickson via Flickr.

My parents have done this many times before with friends but it will be the first trip for me, Nick, my brother, and Cait. It truly is my mom's most favorite thing to do in the ENTIRE world. She loves every aspect of the whole thing.  I'm not kidding... she picked out the granite counter top currently in their kitchen because it reminded her "of the stars she sees while on the sailboat". Whoa.

Over labor day in NH, we had our first family meeting for the big trip.  First to-do on the list made as a result of the meeting: snorkel outfitting. My mom thinks it is really beneficial to get your own snorkel that nicely fits the shape of your face... for optimal Nemo viewing.  Currently the Darth Vader sounds I make while snorkeling make me wanna panic, so I gotta get over that.  Actually (not surprising I'm sure) I have a list of things that are scaring me about the trip. Here they are:

1. Sharks
2. Barracudas
3. Getting sea sick (I have a tendency to get sick, but I am told the water is calm and that land is always visible which is really helpful for me. Fingers crossed.)

I think I can get over those three for this, right?
Photograph by Adventurous Wench via Flickr

Ok, so now to the other exiting stuff regarding the trip: shopping. Consider this the official last summertime shopping post on 75th + Sedgwick for 2011 (unless you got sumpin up your sleeve, D).  In addition to my snorkel, here is the rest of my to-get list:

1. A couple of high quality one piece bathing suits with great support. Got my eyes on this and this (yay sales).  Does anyone else know a good brand?
2. Great prescription sunglasses. Warby, I'm looking at you.
3. Croakies. These make me laugh but I am told are a necessity. OK.
4. Blue Lizard in mass quantities. Of course.
5. Some sort of shoe that can get wet and that I won't slide around in.  I have been told "teva-esque" or "aqua shoes" are good. Um, does anyone have any other ideas? 
6. A sunhat with a chin strap. Currently, the only hat I've got is the one you gave me for my birthday one year to wear to Derby (and that I wore everyday on my Honeymoon, as evidenced below):

I LOVE it, but it flies off when the wind gusts.  So I need something else.

That's it for now, but I am sure there will be many more self-indulgent posts about how excited I am.  I feel so lucky to be taking this trip with my family.  A new experience in a beautiful setting with the people I love. Jeez. Ok, if I MUST.


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