Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Thursday Thoughts...


I have no idea about any of the shows that you watch -- since I don't watch any of them! That is, except for Rachel Zoe. I caught some of her premiere the other night and noticed that EVERYONE'S makeup looked PERFECT. Besides Rachel, do you think they do it themselves? They couldn't, right?

Anyway, one thing I find very interesting is that you, dear Deweese, don't watch any comedies. Some of them (ahem, 90210) I would watch AS a comedy, but they are mostly all dramas. I find this peculiar because you are such a hilarious lady! I basically watch ONLY comedies and Law & Order SVU for a little balance. :)

In terms of the lists, I am torn! As you know, I am a HUGE list maker and come from a long line of list makers. My dad can tell you what he accomplished on April 27, 1981 in about 5 minutes flat. And of course, how could we forget that back when we were roomies in college I was so tired that I woke up one morning to find a to-do list on my bedside table with only one item scribbled on it from the night before: "1. Make to-do list".  Yikes.

I currently keep work and life to-do lists very separate and use my very specific type of moleskin and google docs respectively. I find that what works best for me is a combination of two lists: first a huge honkin' list of everything I can think of, and then a second, supplemental, break-down list for each day. This allows me the therapeutic exercise of getting everything in my head down on paper but the daily lists are small enough to avoid feeling overwhelmed. For that reason, I might try Teux Deux for right now.

So far, this post is pretty rambling and strange. Sorry about that, but I say let's keep the random party going.  Up next and in no relation to anything else in this post are some pics from my weekend in New Hampshire...

Right to left: Me, my bro, my bro's girlfriend Cait, with our brand new snorkels. More on why we have new snorkels at a later date (muuhahha!):

  Love that pool water. Us in action:

Snorkeling made me thirsty:

Yum.  Of course Mama's touches made all the difference. Here again is her go-to centerpiece this summer (plus some hydrangeas picked from the yard):

And a new take on a caprese salad...served on skewers and with homemade olive tapenade for dipping.

Lots of smiles and toasts... 

And one tuckered out pooch...


PS: Nick was stuck in the office and couldn't make the trip this year... BOO! So I opted out of bringing the camera. So all of these lovely pics are from my cousins and my momma. Thanks, you guys!


  1. Those snorkel staycation pics made my day! xo

  2. So glad you like! And that you are back. We missed you, love!

    Not gonna lie, the snorkeling thing kinda makes me want to FREAK OUT but I am getting used it.


  3. What ARE the snorkels for?! The suspense?!

  4. Haha! Glad you like the random post, Melis! Dukester: Soon enough the snorkel surprise will be revealed!! (aka most likely next week, just havent finished drafting the post yet.)