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Phone-A-Friend: Joshy's Bedroom

Happy Friday, Friends!

Today brings our latest installment of Phone-A-FriendDo you have a question/internal debate happening right now that you'd love a second opinion about? Email us at we'd love to hear all about it and weigh in! 

So this new Phone-A-Friend is from Morgan, a friend of Deweese who has a great blog of her own, Morgan, Geoff and the Little Tank, which documents her family's adventures.  She's looking for some assistance with her son Joshy's room.  Here's her email to us:

Hi ladies!  I hope you both weathered Irene with lots of treats and very little flooding!

I need some finishing touches to my 2-year old's room, and I'm hoping you two can help me.  I feel like I have a pretty good mish-mash of pieces, but need to pull it all together.  Most importantly...the bed...the books...the window.  A little background, we are actually living in my parents house while they are on a mission for our church, and will be here for the next any solution would have to transfer well into a new space.  Ok...on to the fun!

Joshy has been in a pack-n-play his whole life.  When we lived in DC his room was too small for a crib, and when we moved to Utah, life still felt a little unsettled, so I never got myself together enough to purchase a crib.  However, the Little Tank is inches away from being too tall for the pack-n-play, and I don't really want to purchase a crib for just a few I think it is time to graduate to a bed.  I've never been a fan of toddler beds, so a twin or a full it is.  Any fabulous ideas on beds and bedding would be greatly appreciated!

As for the books, right now I'm just using baskets, which is ok, but a little messy.  It also makes me feel like we have lots of great books that we never read because they are just buried.  A nice clean and simple storage solution is needed!

The window is the lowest priority.
Joshy actually ruined the blinds a little while ago, so that is why you see the old map covering the window (that map has the USSR on it!).  Since we are in our parents house, I will eventually just replace their blinds, but if you guys have brilliant ideas about window coverings (temporary or permanent), I'd love to hear it!

Now for a little explanation for what is in the room.  The dresser is from Costco and actually is supposed to go in the master bedroom (but we are using my parents stuff ergo it is now
Joshy's), the art on it is the DC Ork poster, I got the grey numbers at a local SLC market, the giraffe is by my (then) 6 year old nephew, and the picture of the baby and Dad is actually a paper cutout based on a picture of Joshy and Geoff by one of my college buddies, Emily King.

The chair is Ikea, the baskets are random.  Against the other wall is the pack-n-play, and what remains of the safari wall decals from Wee Gallery.  The play table used to be a coffee table from West Elm, and the lion and tiger are from a Philadelphia artist.  Normally there is also a little bear chair between the pack-n-play and the bear, but Joshy and his cousin Lucy decided they wanted to play in the pack-n-play with the bear.

Ok, this might now be the longest email of my life...thanks for sticking with me...can't wait to hear your suggestions! 


And here are pics of the space:

And a funny pic of Joshy, just cause he's A-DOR-ABLE!

To Morgan we say: Thank you! Did you know that we love, love, kids rooms?  So let's break it down... we've pulled some pics from Pinterest to help illustrate our ideas (BTW, do you all have Pinterest accounts? Cause it is awesome and everyone should have it!).

#1. Beds and Bedding.  We definitely think a double bed would be great because he could grow and grow into it (you call him lil' tank afterall) and you could maybe even use it as a guest bed, too! Just more versatile. What about just a headboard instead of a bed? We think something vintage is the most timeless and therefore chances are you'll like it for the longest amount of time. Something like this reclaimed wood headboard could be great too.

In terms of bedding, we've seen tons we like out there, but here's our fave:

It's from Serena and Lilly... where everything is pretty and everything matches, so you can pick and choose what you like! Overall, what we like about this is that the colors (olive, orange and aqua) are not too babyish and the bedding is not too theme-y (read: cars, fish, etc), so it will hopefully last through the many changing interests of a growing little boy!

There were many runner's up.  Here is one for another idea!  

#2. Book storage that's clean and simple. Ok, so we are not sure how simple this is, but we love the idea of shelves on the wall that display the books almost as artwork. It also solves the problem of missing great books buried in the basket because you can see all of them at once: 

We love this picture above, but definitely wonder: does anyone actually read the ones on the top shelf? We don't think so.  We actually think it would be cool to just have a couple shelves that run around the lower half of the room ... almost like a chair rail. That way Joshy could reach them too. Can't find a pic of that, but you get the idea.

#3. Window treatments.  Ok, so all the big box stores have the standard cute curtains, and many blogs have discussed painting the inside of a roll-up shadeBut what about something completely different? Check out this shop on Etsy that does cut outs of stars in black out shades for a really cool effect! (This also matches the sheets above, just sayin').  You could buy from this shop or get a punch and do it yourself!

As usual, we have a few bonus ideas... 
  • Have you considered painting? Serena and Lilly suggests these colors with that bedding, and boy, do we agree!

  • We wanted to be sure to mention how much we love all the art you have for Joshy's room! It's so awesome. We think it would be really cool to put the animal prints above the bed and then a gallery wall highlighting the rest of the art for a collected look.
  • Have you thought about putting the dresser under the window? We can't really see the scale that well, so who knows! Just a thought. 
 Have fun and keep us posted! Also, "HI JOSHY!"



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  1. Love, love, love it all. The bedding is great, I've never been into anything too "girly" or "boy-y", so the stripes are perfect. And for a time I played with the idea of ripping out pages of my favorite childrens books and framing them...because they are seriously beautiful art. The idea of displaying all the books is genius. And that shade is parents might just have to deal with the fact that I'm about to drill holes into their walls. Thank you, thank you ladies!

    P.S. I just saw that picture of Joshy with new eyes...he really is a Tank!