Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out with the old, in with the "new".


I literally sat down at the computer yesterday morning, checked the blog, and a HUGE smile spread across my face.  I am so glad that you shared your story! It is an inspiration to me, and I know me (and everyone else readin') will benefit from hearing about your journey.  Of course, I think you would have made an excellent therapist/hair dresser (actually kinda similar when you think about).

Speaking of out with the old and in with the new on a MUCH smaller scale, Nick and I finally found a new coffee table.  As you might remember, we've been toying with a lot of different styles and we really didn't know exactly what we wanted.  This is unusual for me.  I usually know way too specifically what I want and end up going on a wild goose chase.  Seriously, I've been know to be like, "well, I mean, I'm just looking for, um, an olive green wool coat that comes to my knee with an unusual collar and cuffed sleeves". Having never seen one before. Fun times.

Well with the coffee table, all I knew was that we needed the following:

1. square or a circular shape... was leaning toward circular
2. needed to be lower than the couch... the horrible height of our current table made for many knee bruises!
3. upholstery would be nice? Maybe wood again? Hmmm.

For some reference, here's a shot of our trunk/coffee table that Nick and I bought off craigslist 4 years ago when we first moved in together:

A nice, solid, cedar-lined trunk...but horrible as a coffee table. Clunky, too high, wrong shape.

So anyway, back when I was in New Hampshire, I happened to be strolling a thrift store (shocking) and stumbled on a large, low, marble, square, coffee table for $97.00. I thought it was a great deal for such a heavy solid piece of marble.  Things that make you go Hmmm.

So in my usual style I debated this for a while, especially with Nick not there to weigh in, and eventually ended up walking away. Then when my cousin Melis wanted to make a second trip back to the store (to score an INCREDIBLE rug, but more on that later), I knew it was fate.  Check her out:

What do you think? I am actually thinking of painting the legs brass. Because, well, I am obsessed with brass. In fact, my cousin pointed out that they were definitely originally painted brass. Check out my inspiration here (and while you are at it, follow me and I'll follow you, too!).

Sorry I forgot to take a wider shot of the living room so you can see how it fits in the space between the couch and the daybed. It's much betta than ol' clunky if I do say so myself!

So here's the Living Room list update.  Its been veeeery slow.  However, this falls brings much more free time so expect a lot more activity, I promise!
  • Plants. The room is beggin' for them. I need help, though! How do I keep house plants alive?!
  • Curtains. I just ordered these. Now that my friend, is a good deal on curtains. Still working on the curtain rod, though.
  • Blinds. I want to switch out those lovely apartment standards for something warmer and more polished.
  • Artwork hung on either side of window (at least). I need the aforementioned curtains hung first to see what kind of wall space I'm workin' with.
  • Hang art over the couch (we're thinking huge Ribba frames framing blown up photography, like this). We've got some great shots for this from our Florida trip!
  • Hang art around the desk (maybe a gallery wall?).
  • Purchase a new coffee table (we reeeeally don't like the clunky chunky trunk anymore, but aren't sure what's next).
  • Purchase bookshelf for next to the "Eames" Lounger (something low and not too big... hoping Housing Works will come through).
  • Purchase rug for under the "Eames" lounger (I gotta figure out proportion on this one, but overall  thinking patterned, like this) .
  • Purchase small end table next to the couch.  If we have end tables on either side of the couch, maybe we don't need a coffee table at all!*Decided to veto this -- furniture overload!


PS: This isn't my first New Hampshire thrift store find. Remember The Story of a Chair? 


  1. Dear Blythe- I just spent 40 minutes reading this amazing blog!! "Old and New', 'Story of a Chair,' and others... amazing, charming, funny and informative! Your art and style comments are inspiring and educational! Now I'm ready to attempt re-upholstering the mid-century somethings lurking in the attic! Thanks! WOW!

    - Mauria

  2. Oh hello! It is so nice to see you here, and I'm totally flattered to read your kind words. Thank you so much! I hope that you keep reading, we usually update a couple of times a week. Hope to see you soon!