Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Girl

Dear Deweese,

How was your weekend? I am still unpacking from an amazing weekend with my family at home in New Hampshire. Swimming, eating Momma's cooking, jogging around the block, drinking wine, and snuggling with some of my favorite "nieces" and "nephews" (actually my cousin's kids... what are they technically to me? someone help me out)..

Anyway, while I was unpacking I happened to catch a preview for "The New Girl".  Normally, I love Zooey Deschanel.  I think she's cute, I liked 500 Days of Summer, she's got great bangs, and I like her singing voice in the cotton commercial and maybe even her real life band: She and Him.  But I gotta say, I don't like when TV picks beautiful women to play the role of "awkward" and "unattractive" people by giving them glasses!!  C'MON. If Zooey was in a bar, guys would buy her drink. But then I watch the preview and I'm confused.

It's like, I HATE it. But, yeah, then I'm LAUGHING. Have you seen the previews? What do you think? What other shows are you noticing? I am excited about Up All Night but knowing me will forget to watch it all season, Nick's considering Terra Nova, but mostly we're most jazzed about the return of Modern Family. Love.



  1. If she's your first cousin, her kids are your first cousins once removed. Your kids and her kids will be second cousins.


  2. Ooooooh THANK YOU!! I always wondered how that whole "once removed" thing works.

  3. The pilot is available right now for free on iTunes, I want to check it out. I too love Zooey...and want to at least check it out.

  4. Oh good to know! I will definitely check it out then and formulate a more researched opinion.

    Also, apologies to all for the terrible spelling mistakes in this post! Blogging from the tiny screen of my iphone has got to STOP!